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    iPad Pro Teardown

    Thanks, Poet. I did luck out on aligning it...had to carefully measure to trim the excess on the edges, and wanted to have a round cut over the camera, but my old hands are not that steady. It does look nice.
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    iPad Pro Teardown

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    iPad Pro Teardown

    Yes! That's exactly what I was talking about, and thank you! I figured that is that it is, but wanted verification. I found on the 'net what it was for the iPad 3, but nothing on the Pro.
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    iPad Pro Teardown

    So I read the iFix it teardown article but did not find my answer. I have the Apple keyboard and do like the light touch...don't need the added features of the Logitech Create, though it was tempting. Because the Apple keyboard does not have a back cover, wanting to protect my Pro, I decided...
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    Jailbreak Available For iOS 9

    Apple released iOS 9.1 which fix the Pangu jailbreak.
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    Connecting a dongle to your ipad

    There is a somewhat new device w 128 gs that's out via SanDisk called the Xpand SanDisk. Can connect via a USB port on the computer AND the lightening connection for iGadgets. It accesses on the iPhone/iPad/iPod automatically w the app when u plug it in. I have used many different documents or...
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    WIFI Backup to External Drive

    There is another device that has come out by SanDisk called the iXpand disk that has 32gs internal memory on it, not like the AirStash where you can change the disks and use WiFi. You can use this directly with the Lightening port and your usb port, very fast. I have both, and I have better...
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    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    My apologies b00bie, I didn't put iKeywi 3 on the iPad...I had installed iKeywi HD, and it works with 8.1.2. Mea culpa.
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    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    Hey, b00bie, do a search -- I did NOT say iKeywi tweak. I said iKeywi 3 -- NOT iKeywi or iKeywi 2 or iKeywi HD for iPad. I said iKeywi 3. However, I put it on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Air 2. I just now had a thought and tried to put it on my iPad Air, and it would not install there, giving me...
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    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    I didn't see this app listed on the list on the first page, but iKeywi 3 is out and works with iOS 8.1.2 for the onboard keyboard. I so love this app. The iKeywi app in the iTunes/Apple Store does NOT work for my iPad Air or my iPad 6+. This one does!
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    iPhone Messages won't Sync to iPad

    I had the same problem between iPd Air, iPhone, and iPod. I could only receive messages on my iPhone after the upgrade. I went back on the iPad/iPod, deleted all previous messages. Went to settings, redid the account on both. Did a hard reset on the two and am receiving AND sending texts on all...
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    Setting Up Airport Extreme W Airport Express Wireless

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. Got an Airport Extreme for Chistmas to replace Netgear router and setting it up wireless today for my iGadgets and Mac and PC computers, printers, along with Airport Express to act as a wireless extender. Pulling out my hair. Worked from 11...
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    Does Xcon work with the new Jailbreak?

    FakeTimeWarner works with TWC TV on IOS7 JB.
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    iOS7: JailBreak Status Thread (Official)

    FYI: after installing ICaughtU, could not even put oPad Air into Safe Mode. ITunes wo recognize it would back it up, but stuck on apple logo. Could only get rid of it by going into DFU mode restoring, redoing JB. Weird.
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    iOS7: JailBreak Status Thread (Official)

    I have looked everywhere for this list! Thank you! Found out earlier that xCon caused problems, but used FakeTW instead. But was surprised at SBSettings causing me a Safe Mode crash. I wish I had this list. ICaughtU caused me to have to do a total restore, stuck in gear/Apple logo mode...
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    Charging ipad using MacBook

    That's the same question had and reason I got the adapter, which works by just reverting the pins for the charge.
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    Charging ipad using MacBook

    There are also several device to accomplished this also if your are afraid that AiCharger with overheat your PC. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link. The one I use is by RavPower, RAVPower RP-UA01 Smart & Swift PC USB Charger for For iPad / IPad 2 / iPhone Series / Most Smartphones. Do...
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    Charging ipad using MacBook

    Try using AiCharger by Asus, a free download to enable charging all your iDevices.
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    Can't recieve FaceTimes but can send OK -Router suggestions?

    My son had this problem, but he was trying to call back home to family while on TDY. His was caused because they all had the same phone number and email set for FaceTime. Once he changed the iPad to a different email address and NOT the phone number, it worked. But this was inner family...
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    Can't recieve FaceTimes but can send OK -Router suggestions?

    Try seeing if your router needs a firmware update first!
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    What Are The Best Apps For Elderly

    So set up calendar entries with a reminder. They would be notified on the notification area and an audible bing. Do it all the time for myself and my forgetful,other half.
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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Mickey, I have looked everywhere for something you recommended last JB, can't find it, and am doing a fresh install instead of a backup restore for my Cydia aps. It was an add-on in SBSettings where I could just click on the app with an X to close all open aps on the multitask bar at once. I...
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    Have a question about syncing my iPad 2 (JB) with new MacBook Pro

    I moved everything from PC to MBP, but put it on VMWare Fusion. To make iTunes work correctly in this manner, but using Fusion transfer or migration. I needed to first deactivate the computer. On the other computer reactivate. when transferring using a disk image, it was necessary to...
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    iPad Waking By Itself

    I think I finally found it. I had forgotten I had watched a YouTube app about iMacs. The YouTube app was still in the taskbar below. I had literally turned everything off, and my iPad was charging very slow, meaning it was still running itself. Machine felt warm like after watching a movie...
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    iPad Waking By Itself

    It came back on even with BT off, but didn't have the blinking checkmark symbol at the top. Never comes on when I have WiFi off...Weird! Last 2 hours, I laid it down with the smart cover closed, hasn't come back on or making any sounds. iPad is not like your PC where you can see what...
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    iPad Waking By Itself

    I could not find this in my search...sorry if it's there. But just noticed yesterday my iPad 3, JB, is randomly awaking on its own. I have turned off all notifications. E-mail is scheduled to be manual. It stays on only briefly, but there is a little emblem that blinks by the BT symbol that...
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    error message

    I'm wondering if it isn't the way you have your sync set up for your contacts or maybe email if your sync that. I had a similar problem way back when I had input something wrong in sync'ing my contacts with outlook.
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    The green message

    Are you sure you are typing in the text portion and not the subject line? Check to be sure . It won't send if u don't put it in the proper place under text.
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    Not charging when plugging on the computer

    I use the RAVPower adapter that plugs into the end of the sync cord and then into the computer. Works great, and I don't have to worry about what tweaking the ports for more power will do to the computer. 7.99 at Amazon now...
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    sales in non apple stores

    my som works at BB AND in charge of selling the iGadgets as a manager. Sometimes you are too harsh on the worker bees. The worker bees at BB were totally caught off guard that iPad4 was coming out, and didn't know until 3 days later when they would get them o be able to offer as a product for...
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    HELP!!!!! Unsyned ipad with lost passcode! Need to download precious data!!!!!

    I just ran across a computer program that may help. It will access anything on the iGadget like Finder on Macs or Explorer on PCs. IExplorer. I just tried it and could see my movies! Then could just drag and drop.
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    HELP!!!!! Unsyned ipad with lost passcode! Need to download precious data!!!!!

    Just FMI, can she access movies in this manner also? Or just the pictures?
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    Harmony Link Turn your iPad into a remote

    My son set the harmony Link up with my DH's theater system Jon set up for him. Very easy to use. it's not the HL that is the learning rev. it's setting up all the equipment correctly. That takes time. Jon set it up to work thru the BlueRay and stereo surround. It all works great, and have...
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    Looking for a free YouTube downloader app(with pc transfer)

    I've used TagDiskHD, easy, user friendly, free.
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    set outlook on ipad

    Do you mean sync outlook with iPad? You can sync it via iTunes, but I like sync'ing better via Google. You can't put Outlook on the iPad.
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    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    Yes and don't bother.... good idea, doesn't work.
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    Disabling Emoticons

    But his problem is if you add a space to avoid the smiley, the link wouldn't work.
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    Busted iPad (3rd time)! Anyone used this tough case before?

    Sounds like its time to replace the kids....seriously, maybe some supervision or time out is in order.
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    MKV to MP4 or M4V

    Actually, just download AVPlayerHD from the app store in iTunes...will play all of those. It's a free player, too.
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    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    New update is in for keyboard