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    Safari Broken; How to "Recycle" It?

    Safari is broken on my iPad (iOS 9.1). It's unable to access the Internet. When it's trying to get web data the progress bar starts to move to the right but then stops after about 1/2 inch. Chrome has no problem. I have many pages open, so I imagine that might be the problem. In any event...
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    Split Keyboard Floats - How do I move it?

    Hi, Sorry - probably discussed before but my search did not find anything helpful. I found out how to split the keyboard but then it floats to the middle of the screen. I've learned that this is called udocking. But I'd like it to remain at the bottom of the screen. I've found posts which...
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    Safari Hung by Bad, Bad Site - RESOLVED

    (Details on how I got t this point below, but where I am now ... WARNING OBSCENE LANGUAGE) There's a popup in a Safari session which appears to be from (i.e. across the top it says) http://f** and the only option at the bottom is "OK". And I am afraid to click OK because I fear that...
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    Time AND Date AND Day of Week where currently only the time is displayed.

    At the very top of the screen "iPad" + some symbol occurs at the left, and then smack in the middle is the time of day, and then all the way to the right is a Bluetooth symbol and battery info. Is there any way to change that time area to display, in addition to the time, the date and day of...
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    iGigbook New User: How do I get to "Book List View"?

    The iGigbook instructions telling me how to register to use the iGigbook forums tells me to go to the Book List View but does not tell me how to get to the Book List View, and how to get there is not obvious. I have found a drop down menu called "Switch to View" which has as its first entry...
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    iGigBook Question

    Hi, I have many PDFs of sheetmusic on my iPad using iBook. For many of the PDFs iBook works fine. But one of my favorite PDFs has small and off center images. Of course I can easily enlarge the image and center it. But both of those actions have to be performed for EVERY PAGE. I've looked...
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    Got iBooks for my iPad but where is the icon? How do I get some content to it?

    I got iBooks for my iPad. Very shortly after going through the download process (on my laptop) the iPad made a sound - I think indicating that the app was indeed on it. And if I look in "App Store" iBooks is certainly there. But outside of "App Store" there is no indication on the iPad that...
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    Safari Tabs Won't Close

    I've owned my iPad (the one with the Retina display) for only a few days. Suddenly the Safari tabs won't close. Of course I know to tap on the little x near the left edge of the tab but that does nothing. I've powered down the iPad but when it comes back up Safari remembers all of the tabs...
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    Unable to logon to official Apple Site

    I've been trying for about 5 hours to log on to the official Apple site but I keep getting, eventually, a message saying "The system is unavailable. Please try again." But it's hard to believe that this site has been down for this length of time and I am wondering if I am doing something...