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  1. K

    Apples time servers

    Both my iPad and iPhone are (were) set to set the time automatically. I noticed over the last few days that they have both been consistently running about 5 minutes fast. Does anybody know is Apple are having problems with their time servers?
  2. K

    Unlock the camera panorama feature in iOS 5 without jailbreaking

    I'm not sure whether this should be in the Hacks section (Mods please move if so) but Petapixel have published a step by step guide on unlocking the hidden camera panorama feature in iOS5 devices without actually jailbreaking the device.
  3. K

    iOS 5.0.1 file size - Really Apple?

    733MB! I thought iOS 5 was supposed to do away with bloated update downloads. Or is this an admission that despite the 0.0.1 nomenclature this is a major bug fix?
  4. K

    iMessage doesn't work? A possible explanation

    This forum often gets posts about iMessage not working well I have discovered on issue with it that is a possible cause for the send button to be greyed out when it should otherwise work. When you start an iMessage there is a line called Subject on the input screen. If you simply type your...
  5. K

    Atomic browser stability under iOS5

    Is anybody else having stability issues with the Atomic Brower under iOS5? My just arbitrarily closes at random times usually when I'm typing something say into a forum reply or a Google search string. It used to be rock solid but since iOS5 it's become flaky. (I have the letest updates installed)
  6. K

    Update the update - software 4.4.1 available

    For those who haven't caught up Apple have released a minor update to the Apple TV software. V 4.4.1 is now available.
  7. K

    RWC app does not mirror?

    For any Rugby fans out they who have the RWC app can you please let me know if the game highlight videos mirror on iOS5. All I get is sound on the TV with not picture same as in iOS 4x. (Yes I have updated the Apple TV and mirroring in other apps works fine)
  8. K

    2 iPads, one Apple ID, iOS5 - Messaging

    With the situation in the title is it possible to set up messaging between the two iPads and still retain only one Apple ID so that apps can still be shared by syncing to the same iTunes?
  9. K

    iOS 5 mirroring

    Klutz question time. How do I mirror apps to a TV via AirPlay in iOS 5?
  10. K

    Using an iPad 3G while travelling in the USA - a review

    It's easy. Fly to the USA with your iPad 3G. When you arrive go to an Apple store and tell them that you are there on holiday and that you are looking for a 3G card. They will GIVE you an AT&T micro SIM card for free. Note: If you can't find an Apple store you can get an AT&T card from an AT&T...
  11. K

    Skype for iPad camera question

    When I use Skype for iPad for video calls and the iPad is in landscape orientation I'm told that the video of me at the other end comes out horizontal. At my end both the video of me plus the picture from the other end are oriented correctly. If I turn the iPad into portrait orientation...
  12. K

    Setting the default iPod library

    Does anybody know whether it's possible to set the default iPad library to a Shared library (Home sharing) rather than "My iPad"? I only want to use music and podcasts on my iPad when at home (I have an iPod for music on the go) so it would be good not to have to bother setting the library...
  13. K

    Private calendars

    I assume that it's possible but I can't figure out how. My iPad is synced to out business exchange server via wifi for mail / contacts / calendars but to my home PC vis iTunes for apps and music. I'd look to put calendar info into the iPad that I can see on the iPad but that is not copied to...
  14. K

    It's here tomorrow

    My 32GB wifi/3G iPad left the factory in China about 36 hours ago and has arrived in Sydney this afternoon so hopefully it will be delivered to me in Melbourne tomorrow. I guess it's time to sign up and say hello.