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    IPad and Apple TV

    Does anyone know if the IPad can stream to the Apple TV without a network. In other words, if I bring both to a cottage without wifi can they still work together.
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    App store

    For some reason I cannot open the App store on my Ipad. When I press the icon it momentarily opens and quickly switches to the Itunes store. My password and account login are correct in settings. Any ideas. I think it may be caused by the HGTV app.
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    Moving pictures or files to SD

    I bought the camera connection kit, it's great for moving pictures from the camera or SD to the IPad. Now I would like to selectively move some pictures back to a different SD card using the SD card reader. Is there an app that will do this without a jailbreak.
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    Stream directly from NAS

    Anyone find a nice app to stream directly from an NAS Upnp, most streaming apps will only stream from a PC. I want to stream directly from the NAS without turning any PC's on. I am now using MLPlayer lite and it's ok but nothing great.
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    Site improvements

    I would like to suggest a few minor changes to make this site more IPad friendly. First when a thread has multiple pages, I always have to zoom in to switch to the next page, the page numberings could be bigger for finger tapping or replace the last page button with a next page. The second...
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    ITunes password

    In the last two days every time I open my IPad it prompts me for my iTunes password, if I hit cancel it pops back up again until I enter it. It never did this before and it's annoying. I tried signing out and entering the info in settings, anyone know what I messed up.
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    Sync / Backup times

    My Ipad takes at least 15 minutes to back up and sync everytime I plug it into the computer and I only have about 5 gigs on it. Is there a solution to this, 90% of the time is spent on back up, can I turn that off?
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    PDF's saving from Safari

    I can download a PDF in Safari and read it, is there a way to save it to iBooks.
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    Does IBooks sell magazines. Being in Canada we can't even get latest releases yet. I know about Zinio however the app is not as good as IBooks. I don't want to subscribe through Zinio only to find out they will come out through IBooks.