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    GoPad for New iPad (generation 3)

    We're scheduled to have the new version ready to ship in 60 days. I know that seems a long time however adjusting for the 0.6mm extra thickness of the new iPad required a custom aluminum extrusion to be made. Home use? ... lay back with your feet up and the iPad floats right where you want it...
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    GoPad is a Supporting Vendor!

    Yes: if you watch the "Wear It" video near the end, you'll see that can be rotated into portrait orientation. As you can see: the fit against your torso isn't as form-fitting however the balance and comfort in portrait mode is surprisingly good. I hope that answers your question. Peter
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    GoPad is a Supporting Vendor!

    Thanks Doug: I look forward to supporting GoPad users through this forum. All feedback is welcome ... suggestions will be listened to and acted upon. GoPadGo! Peter