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    Netflix App Blank

    I just opened the Netflix app, and it asked me to agree to it's terms of service, so I did. After that the whole page has gone blank and will not return to normal. I've rebboted twice so far. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions aside from calling Netflix? Thanks.
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    Hauppauge Launches Live TV Support for the iPad and iPhone

    Hey guys, this just came across the wires at work for anyone interested: HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: HAUP), the world's leading developer and manufacturer of TV tuner products for personal computers, announced today that their WinTV-HVR...
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    First time potential jailbreaker with a few questions

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I didn't see it. I am interested in jailbreaking my iPad, and possibly my iPod touch as well. I already downloaded the spirit jailbreak on my mac, but haven't done the actual jailbreak yet. What I am trying to find out is what precautions do I need to take...
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    Hello all

    New member, 64 GB owner since launch. Looking forward to participating in and learning from these forums. Thanks.