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    Does anyone own a new MacBook Pro 13"?

    Just curious. I have been eying the new model MacBook Pro 13" and was hoping for some feedback on performance in anything non-gaming related, which I know is a non starter.
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    It's a buyer's market for used Ipads

    I was wondering how Wednesday's announcement would affect Ipad sales, and it appears that the value for used iPads has gone down in a big way over past couple of days. Just in my local area today there are two 64GB WiFi models for $400 and a 32GB WiFi+3G for $325! There are numerous others at...
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    Thinking about a used MacBook

    I have been looking into a smallish laptop computer for my daughter to tinker around on, and something that I can play with as well. I don't want to break the bank and spring for a new MacBook, and really the only criteria it needs to fill is to play Flash games like Webkinz and Facebook apps...
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    A question for Mac users

    I have to admit that I am a bit of an OS nut. I love trying out new ones to see what they bring to the table. I have used OS X before, but never on a dedicated machine that is mine to use (or abuse as the case may be). In an effort to get the true Mac experience I have borrowed an iMac from a...
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    Netflix and 4.2

    Have any Netflix users noticed problems after updating to 4.2? I have been getting freezes that I never saw before today. Before I would occasionally get booted from what I am watching and sent back to the main Netflix browser, but this is different. I will be watching something at what I...
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    Any speed improvements with 4.2?

    For those of you running the 4.2 beta firmware, have you noticed any speed increases on the Ipad? In particular, I was hoping that they have increased the speed at which web sites are rendered, but that might be a hardware limitation with the existing Ipad. Thanks!
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    So, I got to try the competition out

    First off, this is NOT meant to be a "iOS vs. Android" or "Apple vs. The World" thread, just my impressions. I friend of mine just received an Archos 70 tablet (see link below) and knowing that I have an Ipad he asked if I would like to use it for a bit to get my impressions...
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    Tip: Blocking those annoying vibrant popups

    I don't have anything against a little advertising here and there, but those vibrant popup ads that are littered throughout every single post in this forum are just too much. If you are tired of closing multiple ad windows every time you try to navigate a post and hover over a double underlined...