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    Apple Pencil!

    Got mine yesterday and played with it for quite a while. Here's my thoughts. The magnet will not hold the pencil to the case when I pick it up like I thought it would. It just keeps it from rolling away on the table. There is a slight lag, but it does not interfere with my drawing or note...
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    Anyone regret buying the iPad Pro?

    I've been using mine for a couple weeks now and I love it. And the best is yet to come. Hardly anything I'm doing on the Pro has been optimized for the Pro, but we're going to see some great apps pop up as time goes on. Watching videos and reading on the Pro is already a better experience.
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    How do I lock screen rotation without the switch?

    i can't figure it out
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    Disappointing for Photographers

    Which one is this?
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    Apple Pencil!

    UGH I can't wait! 2 more weeks.
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    What swayed you to get the iPad Pro?

    Screen size basically. I was due for an upgrade but probably would have bought last gen or waited for a deal on a used or refurbished iPad if the pro weren't announced. The large screen sold me. The massive hard drive didn't hurt either. I can finally do everything the iPad can do and not worry...
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    Let's see your reviews!

    This is my second iPad, my first being a 1st gen I still use for work. The pros - This new iPad is larger and thinner, weight is comparable to me, can't tell which is heavier without looking it up. This is easy to hold and surf around on in my hands. It's fast and reliable compared to my old...
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    Best screen protectors for the iPad Pro?

    I just bought a three pack of cheap screen protectors but haven't installed one yet. I'm going to see how it works with the pencil when mine comes in
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    Is the iPad Pro 'redundant'

    I likely wouldn't have updated my 1st gen iPad if the pro hadn't come out.
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    What has the iPad Pro replaced for you?

    For home use it replaced my five year old 1st gen iPad. I still use the old one for work though.
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    Apple Pencil!

    Since there is not an iPad Pro accessories sub forum yet, I decided to start the thread in here. Who has one? How do you like it? What do you use it for? Which apps support it? I just put my order in today. Should be here in five weeks. Can't wait, I'm stoked after seeing all the Youtube...
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    Which iPad Pro are you getting - WiFi or WiFi Cellular?

    I got wifi only because I have a Karma Go and didn't feel like screwing around with my cellular plan. I don't think I'll actually use it on the go all that much anyway. Mostly at home, sometimes at the motel or in a lobby someplace. Mostly offline at that.
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    iPad Pro Battery Life

    Used it for about 4 or 5 hours last night and a good portion of that was installing and updating something like 170 apps. Used it for a couple hours today checking out the apps to see what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to delete. It was at about 65% when I plugged it in
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    All my text messages going to my iPad now and not my phone

    just happened after I activated my iPad. How do I make this stop?
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    iPad redundancy

    My iPad can't do a lot of stuff it used to do. It used to browse Facebook fine, now it crashes a lot. I can surf the web, but a lot of websites make it crash too, so I bookmarked a few websites I like to visit that won't make it crash. It lost it's Youtube support recently, found that out while...
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    Will the iPad Pro replace your Laptop or your smaller iPad?

    Mine's just an entertainment device. So it did replace the need for a laptop. I still have an HTPC though.
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    Best case for the iPad Pro?

    I like having just a slim simple sleeve. eBay has a lot of options but I suspect most are repurposed laptop cases. I'm going to get one anyway, they're like $10 and the case at the Apple store was $80, I'm not going to pay that. Bought a new sleeve for my old iPad for $4 shipped on eBay just...
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    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    Just got my space grey 128gb wifi only today. I was long overdue for a replacement for my first gen iPad. I'm very happy with it so far, going through the 170+ apps I haven't used in forever to see what still holds up will take a while. Mine connected to the wifi fine on the first try, but I'm...
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    Does anyone else's iPad 1 crash a lot more often than it used to?

    Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try them all right now. I've deleted nearly every app from the iPad. I use it mostly as a reader, but I have kept a few other apps on as well. And I use it for work, which is what worried me most about the crashing. I do need a new iPad, but I am new in my...
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    Does anyone else's iPad 1 crash a lot more often than it used to?

    When I first bought it there would be an app here or there that it would crash on sometimes. As time went on it got more frequent, and with more apps. Now it seems to be crashing too often for my taste. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it something I'm just going to have to live with or is...
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    My low tech iPad exercise bike mount

    The bike had iPod hookups and built in speakers so I immediately wanted to hook my iPad to it. This is my first solution, involving a piece of cardboard, some felt, a little velcro, and my old iPad case. I am going to work on a better solution later, but for now this is working great.
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    Handbrake help?

    Hi, it's been quite a while since I have used this program but I have a handful of video files I would like to convert. I don't remember how to do a whole folder at once or how to build a queue. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Ipad vs Android

    Don't have an Android tablet but I just bought my first Android phone this weekend. I don't hate it enough to return it for the iPhone 4, and there are some things I like, but I think from now on it will be strictly Apple for me. There were too many mild annoyances and surprises since I bought...
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    Scosche iKit, was it ever released?

    Can't find it anywhere.
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    Waited in line, got IPad 2, probably will return it

    My computer doesn't run on Android. If you want a tablet that does what a computer does, you can get a Modbook for about two grand. That's what one would expect to pay for a good computer with a touchscreen interface. If you want the best Tablet for the money, iPads cost about half what the Xoom...
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    Desktop connect problems

    Anyone using this app? I bought itmpretty much to replace my USB mini keyboard I use as a remote when watching movies or listening to music on the laptop. I got it to work the first day iminstalled it and now it won't work anymore. Trying to connect via wifi since I'm in the same room as the laptop.
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    Netflix app

    Thanks, I watched another movie today and it played fine. I wonder what that was all about? I also do not like the current version of the app, I can't update or even view my DVD queue anymore. I don't think I should have to have iPhlix installed alongside Netflix on this thing.
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    Netflix app

    Earlier I stated that I had no trouble watching Netflix via wifi but today I have been having serious trouble watching a movie. I have the fastest Internet my provider has available and the streaming works fine on my laptop and the Playstation. Worked fine on the iPad too until today. I thought...
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    Netflix app

    The Redbox is doing fine right now but I see it as something that will be obsolete very soon. I only see them in budget shopping areas, probably marketing to people who don't own computers or have Internet at home. People who can't use Netflix or people who have not yet embraced online shopping...
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    Netflix on iPad Review

    I think I used to have that on my iPod before Netflix became available, I think I'll try it again, should be free to re-download anyway. Thanks:D
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    One Limitation That Is Difficult To Justify

    Aww man, that would have been cool. Pays to research before buying I guess. I also didn't know the data plan was month by month without a contract either and I didn't buy 3G because I didn't know how often I would use it and didn't want a data bill every month if I don't use it. Oh well:o
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    Netflix app

    Some stuff is available for streaming right away but not often. They only support so much streaming content at once so something that is available for streaming right now might not be available a month from now. For example Quest For Fire is only available until the 31st of this month. On the...
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    Vintcase: "An iPad case Indiana Jones would want to own"

    The picture in the article is not flattering, but the detail pictures posted in the later post look much better. I don't like the cord wrap. It's of a higher quality than my leather case I can tell just by looking at it, but mine was ten bucks.
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    Ready for university

    My sister got me one for Christmas and it doesn't work at all.
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    Which case to get?

    To be honest I wouldn't get either. Not much of a fan of that designer print stuff, especially if it isn't authentic. Also, remember that these are actually illicit goods and the people selling them may not be the most honest. Dealing with an overseas bootlegger is not usually a good idea.
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    Can't sync iPad without erasing

    Hi, up at the very top where it says "Store" you click on it and the drop down menu appears and there is an option saying "Authorize this computer" it is for allowing content bought on a different computer to play on another one. You can play your iTunes purchases on up to 5 different computers...
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    Can't sync iPad without erasing

    Just got done fixing it with the help of Apple customer support. I figured I should report how it was done in case someone else ever comes up with this problem. First I backed up the iPad Then I was asked to authorize the computer but that was already done. Then I imported the purchases from...
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    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    So far I have only noticed one person using one in public at a Starbucks. I take mine around with me pretty often now.