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  1. Addicted2it

    Problem sincing Bluetooth on 3G model

    When I first received my iPad 3G over one month ago, I attempted to sinc either one of my 2 Bluetooth headsets to it. The iPad would recognize one of them (they are both LG products), but not the other. The iPad would "see" the device, but would not sinc it. I went to my local Apple Store and...
  2. Addicted2it

    Notice of UK shipment received today.

    Just received an E-mail from Apple today, May 24th, stating that the iPad 64GB 3G I pre-ordered on May 10th has been shipped. Has anyone else in the UK who pre-ordered received a notice of shipment? Thanks!
  3. Addicted2it

    SIM card: Where is it located?

    I have been told that the iPad has an internal SIM card, but I cannot locate a slot anywhere on the unit. Does anyone know how to access it? Thanks.
  4. Addicted2it

    iPad 3G One Week Review

    Having pre-ordered my 3G iPad 64GB early last month, I was not disappointed when it arrived on April 30th via Fed-X and on-time. As they say in the UK, it's a beautiful piece of kit, and in my estimation, very well-engineered and very well-made. Connecting up to 3G was a snap. However, it...
  5. Addicted2it

    Problem sincing wi-fi & Bluetooth on 3G model

    My 3G unit arrived on Friday. I immediately tried to sinc it to my home network. It recognized it and asked for the password, after which it kept trying to sinc, but was unsuccessful. I also have two Bluetooth headsets that I tried to sinc to it. It recognized one of them, but failed to...
  6. Addicted2it

    Will iPad 3G purchased in USA work in UK?

    I have an Apple iPad 3G on order in the USA that I am planning to send to a friend in the UK. I assume that 3G service carriers in the UK and in other countries have little information, since the iPad is not yet for sale outside of the USA. However, does anyone anticipate any issues when...