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    What are the download speed capabilities of iPad 3?

    I'm trying to decide if I want to spend the extra money on an iPad 4 vs a refurbished iPad 3. Besides the faster processor on the iPad 4 one to the advantages is supposed to be a better WiFi capability. I'm curious if there would really be a need though. They say iPad 4 can get up to 150 mbps...
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    Should I get 16g or 32g?

    I'm looking at buying a refurbished iPad 3 from Apple. My budget is really about $300 so I'm try to scrap up about another $100 to get a 16g refurbished one to my door. My only problem is that I saw a video where someone was comparing some iPads and said that the 16g on the iPad 3 is almost a...
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    looking for iPad 3 cover suggestions

    I'm looking at getting an iPad 3 and so I'm also looking into what cover to buy if I do. Any suggestions on decent covers that don't cost a ton of money? Also, should I look at getting a cover with a keyboard? How often are you using the keyboard? I'm guessing you would use it mostly if you do...
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    iPad 3 vs iPad 4?

    I'm just getting serious about researching iPad and just joined the Forum. I thought the iPad 3 was the latest and gratest. I knew about the iPad mini but didn't know they actually changed the iPad. When I look at the Apple store it just shows iPad with Retina Display. Is that any different than...
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    Newbie question about iPad 1st Gen

    I'm a newbie to iPad (I've had an iPhone for few years though) and I'm in the market for a tablet. Mostly just looking for a tablet to read e-books on the couch or in bed, store pictures of family/friends to show to others, and occassionally play a game (mostly for the kids though). I'm really...