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    How on earth do you really remove safari history??

    OK guys I guess many of you have seen the settings in the ipad regarding the supposid ,delete history, cookies, cache. But as most will also find it clearly does not work. As will a google search find the same info, so guys someone please can someone tell me finally how on earth do I...
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    Any 3rd party ipad docks yet?

    Just a question guys, as in my extensive ipad searching this week, just dawned on me that in all my many searches, not once have I seen a 3rd party copy of the official Apple ipad dock. Or have I missed it.?
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    Best hard back case in UK?? (up to £25)

    Hi guys, I can not tell you how long today I have been looking for a UK delivery of a decent hard back case. Now as you see from my other thread, I was inquiring about the excellent switcheasy nude, well I have had an email off them today to say the postage is an extra 10 euros, and on top of...
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    Hi from UK

    Hi guys, I'm the owner of the gaming website, we have a podcast weekly, and as your well aware us UK folk will be soon taking delivery of the amazing ipad, even if we have yet again been poorly treated on price, but hey were extremely used to that across all forms of...