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    Camera Connector Kit

    excellent, can't wait ... mine is on the way from China ... order in mid-June, just got email that it shipped yesterday!
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    Just got an ipad! Need help to start up!

    You could try a hard reset of the iPad... it is different than rebooting. Since you have a new one, it won't hurt to reset. Check this page out for graphics and info (Apple iPad hard reset) HTH.
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    Learn Objective-C or hire a programmer on

    Just to toss my two cents in ... I am a developer but looked at obj c and while I could learn it and android and blackberry API, I stumbled upon titanium appcelerator a month ago and have been impressed a lot. It's neat from a developer point of view to write once, in javascript, and run on...
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    Is there an App for that? (if there is, I'm assuming I need to JB the iPad)

    As you seem to know from research, the architecture of the iPhone is to sandbox each app. This prevents apps from knowing the existence of each other. I wanted to write an app once that shared what apps a person has installed, but my app wouldn't have access to the other sandboxes. One way...
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    If you like your vnc solution and want better rdp for windows ... I would suggest Jump, I bought it and connect easily to my windows boxes.
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    Question about Edit button

    Just wondering why I don't see an edit button on my own posts? I could swear I saw them earlier. (I did do quick post, does that not allow editing?) Just curious... thanks I think I answered my own question by posting again :) I think I got it ... I posted a reply in the iPad news...
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    Steve Jobs Blasts Flash in Blog Post

    I like Flash and rias, I also like the iPad ... It's also odd because as I ear the back and forth, I am also indifferent to outcome, if flash isn't on iProducts, no biggie. I don't quite get this ... Ipad can run what it wants. Adobe can design what it wants. If they don't run on each other...
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    What apps are you using most?

    Safari Netflix iTunes (podcasting more) In Addition I am liking stylus and drawing apps ... Testing out a bunch.
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    iPad Forums Site Upgrade

    Thanks, good job with site ... I notice more and more posts in introduce yourself and also the new post counts seem to be on the upward track. Thanks again and keep it up
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    Andy A - Working on new IPAD Development

    After the sdk ... Go to iTunes U and grab the Stanford videos of their class ... It is important you grasp the mvc aspect of iPhone/iPad development before jumping in to coding... Also objective c is different than framework languages like .net and requires a bit of hello world before getting...
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    How to Fix the iPad's Wi-Fi Issues

    Yes ... I took my iPad on a biz trip and upon powering it up in the hotel, no wifi at all ... Downtown Philly has tons. I hard restarted the iPad and wifi came back .... It sucks but it's the price of early adopting :)
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    I am now addicted to surfing because of the iPad

    100% agreed ... Enjoying the surfing more than before ... Half my app icons are websites :)
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    Developing Apps for the iPad

    I would recommend spending a hour or so to read the iPad sdk docs on apples developer site ... It speaks to several things specific to the iPad... Screen layouts and additional uicontrollers are in there.
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Tmo g1, rooted running android 1.6... And tethered to my ipad :)
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I just bought penultimate for $3 ... And it is really good for input (I use a stylus) ... It supports PDF generation and you could email it or push to ever note. It does hit all your wants but for $3 it's the best handwritten one I have used.
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    Can an iPad be "locked down"?

    For an iPhone the enterprise deployment docs say that an admin can create policies which limit the usage of an iPhone... Ex, no YouTube or wifi, etc... I assume iPad is similar... You can have a tablet with one app icon, but a direct boot is a no go based on how the os and app sandbox...
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    IPad swing arm mount?

    modulR iPad accessories: iPad Wall Mount, iPad Car Mount, iPad Shoulder Strap, iPad Kick Stand, and more to come in Summer 2010.
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    A DIY section for the forum?

    I could see this section adding a lot of value to the forums
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    Awesome find ... Heading to nearby office depot today to check out the entire aisle of all this stuff people are finding.
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    iPad keeps forgetting home network password

    Also, if you want a second way to secure your wifi is to use mac filtering ... It's a bit more technical than using keys and passwords, but I use it and it works fine ... Of course many balk when they realize each guest or new device needs it mac address to be entered on the router.
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    New Member

    Welcome ... You'll love the kindle app ... I use it right now over the bookstore (for now)
  22. U Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    I love my iPad because it allows me to enjoy browsing more than before... B-iPad (before), I would sit with my laptop but with so much to do, i would launch a few vms, write code and not just browse and consume. Since the iPad I have found new forums, visited old ones more and the iPad slows...
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    IPad swing arm mount?

    Haven't really looked at it much, but check out modular (might be an a, but not sure). They are building an whole suite of iPad holders ... I believe a scrshot did show an iPad on a flexible arm off a wall.
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    Any cases to use with existing folio

    I was wondering if in anyone's searches they've seen an iPad case or holder that is similar to a notepad that goes into a folio? I'm thinking an iPad holder that can slide in an existing folio via that cardboard backing of a notebook that slides into folios. Just curios as I'm interested...
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    Dock-able iPad protection

    Is there any evidence that covering the back of iPad is bad? I like the hard Candy one like this which looks like a tire but it covers the whole back ... Just wondering Thanks, I'm adding this to my case list
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    Dock-able iPad protection

    For under one dollar I like it ... Keep one at work, various places in the house ... Office depot here I come. I can just imagine how some people walk around home depot or staples looking for stands, etc ... I would too. (right now working on reusing a folio I like to mount an iPad)
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    Hello from Redmond

    Welcome ... I am an avid windows user and enjoy the .net platform for web apps ... mvc is very neat. Looking forward to msft redoing the mobile plstform from their point of view... The iPad is my second foray into the apple world and as mentioned above I love the instant on ability to...
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    Charging from computer?

    Agreed ... I have one media pc that is devoted to our iPods ... My wife's iPod touch charges fine but with same cable my iPad doesn't charge Kinda sucks but I go to a wall for charging ... But I get a good 10 hours with basic surfing, video, podcast listening
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    Hi from Maryland

    Yup, every chance i get I'm looking at case articles and reviews ... It seems commonplace that most vendors won't ship cases until later this month or in may. I have had good luck with seidio and my blackberry, maybe I'll try Thrm for a hard case and wait a bit until more folio cases are...
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    New Ipad user, USB device not recognized

    Just a quick thought, not sure if you have tried... Don't use a USB hub, plug straight into the computer and see if that helps
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    Hi from Maryland

    Bought a 32gb model on Friday night and have loved every hour since then. I stumbled across this forum as I'm still looking for a good folio case... I still have the original plastic on :) Look fwd to participating and learning.