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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Great idea for an mind mapping extension!! So, instead of just a multi-nodal architecture, to allow the definition of an archetype for each linkage. Perhaps the archetype hierarchy could be specified and maintained in a separate mind map? The FreePlane project is open source, perhaps some...
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Okay, finally got level 19. Took a week and many variations on layout before it made sense. By comparison, level 20 was a SNAP (less than 5 minutes). Now stuck on level 21. I got the update, but I haven't seen yet what changed... :)
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    LOL!! Puzzle 19 still has me stuck!! I can't figure out how to shoot the Blue. All other colors are solved on this panel... :P Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Ah, well considering I'm still stuck on 19 would explain why I totally didn't notice the in-app purchase point at 25... :P Thanks! Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Awesome! I've really been enjoying this app. Lots of fun puzzles to make my brain hurt! Too bad you decided to give this app away for free. I would have gladly paid a buck or two... :) Piko
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    Lumi HD - A Light Puzzler (FREE)

    Fun game! I can see my son playing this! :)
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    iPad just shut down

    Press and hold the home and sleep buttons for a few seconds to reset it. Might bring it back. Piko The Daily Mapper
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    Going to buy today.

    If you can wait a few weeks, please do as there are so many raging rumors of the iPad 2. No point in jumping the gun if you can avoid it. That being said, buy the most iPad you can afford. You'll appreciate the extra memory and 3G later, even if you don't think you'll need it day one. As for...
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    Hi New owner 64gb 3g on 3.2.2

    I've given up jailbreaking iPhone and iPad products long ago... :) Piko
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    iPad Jewel-Box with BlueTooth Audio

    Hi Rod, Interesting design. Not sure what problem you're trying to solve, as it looks a little bulky. The iPad is notoriously thin, so that would seem to be a better goal. Piko
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    convert movies

    Use the iPad presets. That should set it to mp4 and h.264. Piko
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    New! Cant turn on ipad????

    Ditto what xune said. Make sure that iTunes is installed and running when you connect the iPad. That will get things going. Piko
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Hi guys, So check me out. I have worked for the last 6 months to develop a new kind of organizer! Instead of the usual confining hourly grid, each page of the book is laid out as a mind map page. At the center of each page is a bubble with the date already typeset. From there, you draw in...
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    wait or keep Ipad

    Simple answer: If you need and can use the iPad now, keep it. If you can wait, return what you received and buy the next one. It's guaranteed to be WAY better than the first gen... :) Piko
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    apple wireless keyboard questions

    The Apple Wireless Keyboard is not intended for iOS, but for Mac OS X. So, most of the special functions will do nothing. The control, option and command keys only come in to play during text entry. Navigation on the iPad is intended to be a tactile experience. So, you won't find very many key...
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    New MacBook Pro User. Wow!

    Ditto on the Parallels recommendation. It's pretty cheap and allows you to migrate your old windows system to a virtual machine on the MBP. This will ease the transition in to the Mac world as you slowly transfer all your documents and try Mac versions of apps. The coming Mac App Store on...
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    New iPad user from the Philippines

    Kamusta ka rin ikaw?!?! Welcome to the club. My wife has heard from many of her friends back home who have purchased iPads. Wonderful news!! Any questions? Ask away... :) Piko
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    Now or Later?

    If you can't wait, buy now. There are loads of discounted units, including refurbs from and others. Or, if you can wait for the latest in tech for the iPad, wait until February. Piko
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Hi Alan!! So glad you like my article. I'm really passionate about mind mapping!! So, yeah, you can install FreeMind on Windows. It's open source and works pretty slick. Not as pretty as Mind Node for the desktop, though. As it's written in Java, it will run anywhere... :) Download - FreeMind...
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    Will you buy the iPad 2?

    Yep. Total iPad junkie! Will buy one for the wife and I. Keeping one of the first gen for our son and selling/giving away the other... :) Piko
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    iPad in Law Enforcement

    Fling the iPad like Oddjob's bowler in GoldFinger, knock them on their keister. Easy peazy...
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    Headrest Mount

    Nope, that is in the vapor-ware section of the site. They've been talking about making one for a year. The first drawings and prototypes had a mechanical bracket that tied to the head rest. The current prototype is a velcro strap, just like the actually-shipping ZooGue. modulR: Headrest Strap...
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    Headrest Mount

    ZooGue. Works great. Most adaptable iPad case ever. iPad Cases (.ZooGue.) Piko
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    Welcome! :) Piko
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    iPad in Law Enforcement

    Speaking as an iOS developer, what kinds of apps would help our Boys in Blue? Piko
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    IOS 4.2 GM & Daylight Savings

    I'm in PST and both my iPhone and iPad transitioned correctly. Piko
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    My first post and my first Zenus iPad case!

    I like the Black/Tan color mix. But I don't see that anywhere. Not even on the Zenus web site (ZENUS Case! All of the Leather Case). Is this new or discontinued? The other case combinations look too feminine to me (black/orange, black/orange, pink/white and white/black). Piko
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    The new blackberry table an ipad killer?

    I suspect that in the 6 months they suggest that the Playbook will come to market that Apple will already be on their third (yes third) iPad. Maybe even their fourth. Multi-tasking is coming in November and takes better advantage of the lower power hardware. HDMI is handled nicely through a...
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    The new blackberry table an ipad killer?

    Looks like vapor ware. Lots of pretty screen shots, but they seem more photoshopped than anything. Projected images on to bus stops and picture frames? I agree with the above. Seems like a day late and a dollar short. Besides, who "announces" a product and then says it will be available "some...
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    Would you be interested in a 7-inch Apple iPad?

    I'm much more interested in a full size iPad with at least a front camera for video conferencing. That and a faster processor as long as it doesn't kill battery life. Otherwise, the WiFi+3G unit I have fits the bill perfectly. My wife is hoping there is an update in January so she can...
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    Need an App for rental maintenance

    A quick google search yields nothing. However, there are a few web applications that you can subscribe to for this purpose. Otherwise, looks like you'll have to use a spreadsheet in Numbers or Office. Piko
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    Formula One Car Crash Video

    Don't click on link! Send you in to ad display hell... :(
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    Ditto Numblock... 1) All ePub files will appear in the Books section of iTunes. Be sure to check the cover artwork BEFORE you sync to your new iPad. There is (or was) a bug in iBook where it caches book cover artwork. So, if you sync a book and then realize the artwork is wrong, missing (or...
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    FYI, iThoughtsHD just released an update, which includes the following: • New Icon • Undo/Redo (unlimited) • Novamind5 Support • Rainbow Colour Theme • Revamped Inspector • Create new map based on existing map W00t! Piko
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Sign up for a free 2GB dropbox account. This will allow you to exchanges files directly with iThoughtsHD (and iThoughts) and your desktop. Then you can access from MindNode Pro. If you save in freemind format (.mm) then both apps can access the same file. Now, if I can just convince all these...
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    Nice!! They also have an iPhone/iPod Touch version. If you sign up for a free dropbox account, you can easily exchange the map files between devices and access from your desktop. If you save in the freemind format (.mm), the files can be accessed by just about every mind map app. Piko
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    1. Widespread? I wish it were. I've been working professionally since 1985 in the IT industry and have NEVER seen anyone doing anything remotely like this. I've worked with 100's of engineering professionals and everyone I've ever known kept it lineal. I've even attended brainstorming classes (a...
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    I just did a quick image search on Google. I didn't find any art student sketchbook example that show any sort of radiant thinking style of mind mapping of knowledge. Can you paste links? Reinventing the wheel? Have you read his book? He makes it pretty clear that all the great minds in...
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    Mind Mapping anyone?

    iThoughtsHD has the same capabilities and much higher ratings.
  40. P Members - Suggest an iPad App

    Nothing beats Mind Mapping. Try iThoughtsHD or MindNode. See my post on the topic from earlier this week. Once you make the switch, you'll never look back! Piko