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    selling iPad- good price?

    I am going to sell my Husband's iPad 4 he got in the end of August. He passed away suddenly on December 12, 2013. I got myself an iPad air and no family members need or want a tablet. I looked at what they are getting on ebay- 300-330.00 sales but I never sold on ebay and have to ship and...
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    I bought Apple Care for the first time for the Air....

    I did it for peace of mind and the tech support lasts over the 90 days for the full two years
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    I love my "Air" over my first generation iPad. Pardon the PC reference but it's like a celeron to a quad core. I got a smart cover clone off of amazon( 2.00) and this week, i'm getting a portfolio cover like my spouse has for his iPad 4- it ranges from 10-15( depending on a print vs solid...
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    How to properly restore ipad for selling?

    Worked for me- I disabled find my iPhone and then just went into erase settings and then realized I never went to clear my account- i was afraid my Id was still there so i re-set it and then deleted in the above said order( overkill it turns out) I still saw both of my iPads in iTunes listed but...
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    I'm happy to have been first on line at BB

    I ordered through Amazon the line is Poetic I think the company is smart shop online- Stay with the solid colors0 I got one of the 12.99 print ones too- it not only did not fit, it did not even have a hole for the camera- the 1.99 one was fine. I reached out to the company and they will be...
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    I'm happy to have been first on line at BB

    Envy- i go tomorrow to pick up mine- i did a pre-order and am going to an applestore . I just like the experience there. Even if there is a line, I can just walk into the store, show my paperwork and I will be at a bench setting up my Air prior to leaving the store- now to see if the new cases...
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    New iPad Air Ordered

    I just finished ordering my 64 gig Air for pick up in Delaware- worth the hour drive for tax free shopping on big items- went for the silver/white. I was hoping the gold tone would have been available . Looked good on the iPhone. back to bed too
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    Any word on when stores can begin actively selling?

    My new iPad Air, silver 64 Gig is purchased and ready for pickup later today- I chatted online and they wait they will hold it for 5 days- longer if i need to , I just have to contact customer care. i even have a couple of pleather cases i got on Amazon that are supposed to fit the new model(...
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    Any word on when stores can begin actively selling?

    I I woke up with a head ache and as I was in the kitchen making some tea to sip with my Tylenol, I tried to go to the apple store- it is temporarily down. guess i will wait 15 min and see if I can reserve one now or go back to bed for a few hours
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    How to properly restore ipad for selling?

    when i was scrolling through settings, under iTunes at the bottom is a reset section. Go through the sections and at the bottom there are resets to original settings that erase previous accounts and passwords as well as reset bottom on back of device
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    Any word on when stores can begin actively selling?

    I will be attempting to reserve a tablet for Saturday pick up Tomorrow AM- Anything to avoid waiting in long lines- i hate tight crowds . Purchase of an iPad is much faster( if you know what you want) over a iPhone- i can set my device up myself
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    iPad Air Benchmarks Reveal Massive Performance Boost

    So, I', guessing it will blow my first generation iPad away, huh? I can't get to the store on Friday, but will call ahead and be there Saturday- i got a couple of cool cases that are supposed to fit the Air- worst case, I paid 16.00 for both cases- Vinyl but just like the 79.00 leather case by...
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    WoW....You guys are fast!

    makes my first generation seem like the days of floppy discs
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    Five surprises from the iPad launch event

    HeHe I told hubby to wait until the new launch to get his iPad 4. I paid off my CC just to purchase my new iPad Air. just need to pick it up at delaware store to save like 60.00 in sales tax. i hate waiting in lines but got a buyer for my iPad 1 and want this puppy- guess we will take turns in...
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    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    I am disappointed you can't pre-order/reserve one till Nov 1st and that is for shipment to you,not store pick-up. Guess we will be standing in line Nov 2nd with the rest of the world. If i have it sent to me, I have to pay 8% sales tax or go to Delaware and pay no sales tax- for a 64 gig wifi...
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    new product covers and cases

    Ok, hopefully apple will be announcing the iPad Oct 22(tommorow). I am going to be totally out of character and pre-order the new iPad. I have to assume that the manufacturers of cases and covers have to be in on the true dimensions for production of peripherals so they are ready for purchase...
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    iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Rear Shells Leak In Gold

    Very Clever of Apple. i understand that the gold iPhone 5S was the most popular color and sold out first. It is just a color of the case but people will go for new twist. I remember when all phones were black( you got colorful cases ). Many android phones are producing colored cases to revive an...
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    Which version(s) of iOS are you currently running?

    iPad first gen- ios 5 iPod touch 5th gen iOS 7- not bad- getting used to it before I upgrade hubby 's iPad 4- he just got used to using it so it might freak him out
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    iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 could have iPhone-quality 8MP cameras

    I have seen people take pictures with an iPad- usually tourists( foreign). I would never think of walking around pulling my tablet out for pictures. My phone of iPot touch fits into my pocket- Two years ago I bought a really nice 16 megapix 24 x zoom camera- i leave it at home - with my phone, I...
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    New Video Shows Supposed iPad 5 Front Panel With Space for Touch ID Home Button

    I would be surprised if apple didn't have the bells and whistles of the iPhone 5S on the next iPad- Bet there will be the newest chip and processor- Well, two more weeks to go for a supposed announcement- I wonder if IOS 7 will be pre- installed?
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    New leaks suggest there could be a space grey version of the iPad 5

    I like the grey. Not sure about gold. I keep my product in a full cover anyway( I express my wild side in covers for my devices ) Black or white is boring- i realize it's more costly for a company to produce something in multiple colors if one color does not sell as well- it's just a case cover...
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    best cellular provider for iPad?

    I might just have to look back into a mifi . When i went to Bestbuy, they carried a no contract MIFI but had no idea on it other than it cost 49.99 to purchase. They did not know the amout of monthly data ,price or coverage strength- Thanks geek squad.
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    best cellular provider for iPad?

    Thanks to all, that's the kind of info I needed- I was not sure how much data I would need. I bet the folks at the apple store near me can help with what provider has the strongest signal for my needs. Back when the first iPads came out I believe only AT&T offered cell coverage. My other option...
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    best cellular provider for iPad?

    I'm going to upgrade my iPad 1 in the next couple of months( waiting to see if rumors of iPad 5 / Oct announcement come across means lower prices of iPad 4 if I wait) I never used the AT&T cellular on my iPad( bought it last year). I have been using my mobile WiFi off my android phone but it...
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    Microsoft starts iPad trade-in program, offers at least $200

    There is a Microsoft store in Christiana mall in Delaware- just around the corner form the Apple store- apple store always buzzing - Microsoft store( install sound of crickets) I walked around for 20 minutes- could not figure out prices of any of the devices there and was hard pressed to get the...
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    when i get my new iPad 4(or 5)

    Thanks- That is what I was looking for- I guess i put the wrong key words in
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    when i get my new iPad 4(or 5)

    I will probably get a new iPad by the end of this month rather than wait for the iPad 5 to come out now that a co-worker wants my iPad 1. Do i just have to connect the new device to my computer to put all of my apps that are on my old iPad to the new one? i don't plan on giving up the old one...
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    New Ipad 4 vs my ipad 1

    Hubby just got a iPad4 and it is so much faster. I went with him to a ipad workshop and when they had us open a site, mine took so much longer- I did learn how to remove all the pictures in photo since i use dropbox- gave me 2 gig more memory space- i am planning on getting an upgrade- just want...
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    Waiting for Ipad 5 - Question

    On another forum, there was a post that Walmart has started to put iPads on sale( like 20.00 off) Apple products only go on "sale" when a new model is coming out- the iMac's went down just as the new upcoming models were announced- I got the new model because I was going to get the larger hard...
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    Waiting for Ipad 5 - Question

    Rumor has a possible announcement Sept 10( i have only read on forums) for new iPad . I have a iPad 1 64 g and only have used 18 g prior to using dropbox and cloud based storage. Love dropbox for picture storage . I am waiting just in case the new iPad has some awesome new feature- If I get a...
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    updating from 5.1.1 to iOS 6.X

    Apple will buy back iPads. You can call 1800 my apple and give them the specks and condition and they will tell you what it is worth up to ( condition pending) in app card. I have a 64 g with cellular and I could get up to 120.00 trading it in. The store doesn't do the transaction but set you up...
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    Apple Could be Planning to Launch New iPad and iPad Mini on September 10

    fingers and apps crossed- ever since hubby got his iPad 4, my first gen iPad is mighty slow and heavy- not to mention I have 4 apps I frequent that I can no longer update without IOS 6- If no news by the end of Oct, i'll go for the iPad 4- just figure new model will have a newer processor that...
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    Hubby's iPad is listed as mine? can we re-name the iPad?

    Hubby just got his own iPad 4 yesterday. I had set up his iTunes account a few weeks prior when i put his music on his laptop(PC). We set his tablet up at the apple store and registered it under his name. When i plugged in the tablet via USB, the iPad came up under my name's iPad. when I first...
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    Great, now hubby wants his own iPad

    ah, yes. the things you can't do with a first gen iPad. We leave for vacation this evening and i'm not even packing my digital camera- my iPod touch takes just as good pictures and it is set up with dropbox and I have a mobile hotspot on my phone. I will not use a tablet as a camera like i see...
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    Great, now hubby wants his own iPad

    I'm not complaining- I was going to pay for my own with my "pin" money - the little bits after the week I would save going towards vacation or stuff i wanted- He's going to use his inheritance for both iPads- no complaints- and i get to trade in my old one for an app card-up to 120.00 Sweet
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    Great, now hubby wants his own iPad

    I'm not against my hubby getting an iPad- I wanted to give him my iPad1 when i get a new one by end of this year. He saw the wonders of the tablet and even a tech illiterate as he is saw apple was better than PC tablets. I thought a iPad 3 16 g would serve his needs- Facebook , a little internet...
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    buying refurbished- any negative concerns

    thanks for the input. The savings is what really spiked an interest in refurbished. It means he can get a iPad 3 for the cost of a iPad 2 . I am going to wait till the fall to make the purchases because if there is a new model, there will be sales on the 3 and 4- either way, the price won't go...
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    buying refurbished- any negative concerns

    After visiting an apple store and hubby seeing in action- he wants one too. The apple employee did mention a refurbished as a $ saving possibility since we are both looking for one(each). Anybody ever buy refurbished and any feedback or concerns- I would only buy through the apple site .
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    iPad owners average age

    Ditto- I have an uncle that is 80 and very into the technology- he even sent my mom a mini because he likes to chat with FaceTime . Unfortunately, she is not interested in tech like my dad was