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    In store price

    Hi guys i'm traveling to Orlando in the next few weeks from Ireland and hope to purchase an ipad and an unlocked iPhone in store at apple. Currently the iPhone is $649 online for example but I wanted to enquire if that is the final price including taxes etc if I make the purchase in store as...
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    Sending iPad to son in New Zealand

    Hi A colleauge at work would like to send an iPad to her son in Christchruch New Zealand. She is located in Ireland. Can she order on the Irish store and dipatch it to his address there? Or can she order it with here Irish visa card on the New Zealand site for delivery there. Personally I...
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    ipad 4.2 beta 2 expired?

    i All woke up this morning and my ipad screen had the connect to itunes screen. I'm running the 4.2 beta 2 and when I connected to itunes it said the software had expired. I'm downloading beta 3 now but I'm frightened i'm going to wipe my iPad with the new beta. Will the new beta allow me to...
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    YouTube question

    Hi all I'm probably missing something very obvious but is there a way to subscribe to YouTube video channels on the YouTube (iPad) app? I can't see an option.
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    iDisk app updated for iPad

    At last apple has updated the iDisk app for the iPad. I hope others are on there way too
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    Only certain numbers

    I love my iPad but I am completely frustrated that apple would release an app that can't handle basic formula from excel. Most of my spreadsheets have the countif formula in them and every time I import them in not only will it not recognize the formula it actually strips out the value and...
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    PDF reader

    What's the best PDF reader for the iPad. I like the iBooks PDF reader on the iPhone but it doesn't seem to be integrated into the iPad version (maybe in iOS 4). I have good reader and although it's ok I'd prefer something with some nice aesthetics as well as function. All recommendations...
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    PDP authentication error

    happy 4th of July from Ireland! I've been using my 3G iPad for a few days without a sim but purchased a micro sim yesterday pre pay data but for the life of me can't connect to the 3G network and keep getting a PDP authentication error (what ever that is). I was using my iPhone in the same...
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    Having an iPad - evil thoughts

    Having just purchased the iPad I experienced something that I haven't felt since I purchased the original iPhone at a huge initial cost. It's weird but I'm enjoying the semi-exclusivity of the iPad. Now that practically everyone has an iPhone it's nice to stand out from the crowd again. With...
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    Lazy apple

    Can't believe that apple have not updated their own apps for the iPad. I'm a big apple fan and pay mobile me subscription. I feel a bit short changed that they have taken the time to update apps for the iPhone 4 at yet after 2 months they haven't updated 'iDisk' and 'MobileMe' gallery for the...
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    The missing apps

    Hi all just getting to grips with my iPad, what a great device. I knew before purchase that some of the stock apps that came on the iPhone were missing and have replaced the calculator. However I am still looking for a weather and clock app.......what would you all suggest. I'm based in Ireland...
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    Add bookmarks bar to Safari

    Great little tip on adding bookmarks bar to safari. I know most will know but it might be helpful to some Make a Home Page button for Safari on iPad - Mac OS X Hints
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    Remote access to windows 2003 server

    Hi we run a windows 2003 sever at work and remote access is permitted. I use remote desktop from my Mac and Jaadu RDP (iPhone only) from my iphone. Are there any apps that I could use from my iPad? Logmein looks good but I think you have to have the client on the server. Any help would be...
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    iPad road trip

    Well I couldn't wait any longer so I made a 9 hour round trip to a different country to get an iPad. Driving from Waterford, Eire to Belfast, UK. Only the 64gb 3G version was available, top of the range but this didn't put me off. So far I'm loving it but as it late here now and I'm not getting...
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    Wifi on 3g iPad

    Just reading that there are some wifi issues with somes wifi only ipads. Are these issues also occuring on the 3G version, is the wifi ariel layout any different on the 3G, or are these issues universal on both variants?
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    Not even a newbie

    Hi all haven't got my iPad yet as it hasn't been released here in Ireland. But I'm an experience Apple and iPhone user so I'll hang round and learn all there is to know in preparation for my purchase next month.
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    Does the iPad have GPS functionality

    Does the iPad have GPS functionality? both variants, none or 3G version only?
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    iPad Ireland?

    Hi All nice forum! The iPad is set for a July release here in Ireland but apples site gives no exact date. Just wondering if there was any info out there on an actual date?? Its a bit frustrating not knowing the exact date in July especially when July itself is only 7 days away. How is...