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  1. Cricket1001

    How to copy app information shown in app store?

    I would like to copy all the info, including (if possible) all text for description, what’s new, cost, etc. to another app or word processor. I want to be able to highlight certain parts and underline and write notes. I have tried sharing to all sorts of options and it either copies some of...
  2. Cricket1001

    How to change where downloads go to?

    I just purchased online “100 Of My Best Workbooks” for excel. When I clicked on download or maybe it was open download, i got the usual lists of many of my apps but not excel in which to open the download file. How can I change what apps are viewed to open or save different files to? There are...
  3. Cricket1001

    Looking for app to help me with pros and cons of apps I have

    I am looking for an app that I can put in different info of all my apps. I have so many apps that I forget what they do, what I liked about them, what I didn’t like about them. I would like to organize my apps in this app by categories. I would like to put in the info about the different...
  4. Cricket1001

    Looking for a thread where we can say what kind of app we are looking for

    I am looking for a thread where we can post what we are looking for in an app. I’m thinking that what we are looking for is out there but we don’t know where to find it. By having a thread like this others can suggest what apps they use for doing the same thing. Or maybe someone knows how we...
  5. Cricket1001

    Hello from Lady Lake, FL - Question for this site

    Hi. I’ve been using the ipad since it first came out and love it. But I don’t think I have even scratched the surface of how it can really help me. I have an iPad Pro 9.5” and love it. I use a hard case from Logi (that is what is on the case, don’t remember if it is logitech, I think it is)...