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    Unwanted push notifications still coming from apps even after turned off

    Tried everything and I still get push notifications from certain apps, aside from turning this off from the settings notifications or setting app side bar is there anything else I can do before trashing the app? Ipad2 32gb 3G wifi 5.1.1 jailbroken
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    Can Apple access out iPads, the root password etc?

    I asked about iSSh on a JB iPad and realized it does not work, But does this mean there is a back door?
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    IOS 5.1.1 root vs SU root password changing via Terminal or Mobile SSH/iSSH

    Hi guys, I got a JB'ed iPAd 2 all on 5.11. via Absynthe, and i purchased iSSH from the iTunes store to change the root password, Today i came across a few forum topics about changing passwords and they said changing your "su root" password is better then just "root", so i decided to do this...
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    An app that allows animating graphics, sketches and video layers with templates?

    Is there an app that allows one to animate images, sketches and videos as well as provide templates and models, objects to create characters? I have written a talk show and want to present it using collage cut outs, videos and sketches, i imagine with all the apps available on the iphone and...
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    how do you get the PREVENT IPODS etc FROM SYNCING AUTOMATICALLY to actually work?

    seems that my JB 5.1.1 ipad 2 and itunes syncs regardless of that option checked which is very unknowing because i had to restore an older back up and now my calendars and notes all got erased before i even noticed
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    re spring loop after Cydia updates on ipad 2 64GB 3G wifi here

    I just updated whatever was to be updated in Cydia and found myself in a endless respring loop, forced shut down with the power and slep button on top right, restarted with the apple logo but ended up again with the spinging dash circle over the black respring sreen, has anyone else encountered...
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    Need advise on a decent airplay type gaming entertainment app.

    Im looking for a decent airplay type app i can simply swipe my ipad into airplay mode with and start using a large screen for games, presentations, chat etc I just tried Reflections and iDemo, both appeared on my iPads airplay pop up menu but failed to work with firewall on, even after adding...
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    Can anyone recomend a good GPS family tracking app with tracing, no alerts , privacy?

    Hi I am looking at all these GPS tracking/tracing apps to find the right one used to monitor a devices locations with bread crumbs / traces on maps via a email, Some have an option to shut of receiving alerts from other users one shares their locations with so they simply can see everything on...
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    Ipad2 bypasses proxy settings

    I was wondering what anyone here had to say about proxy servers and the iPad 2 because no matter what I use the iPad still shows my local location when I'm in safari looking up my ip. For example I tried "net shade" for iPad, while I can see the proxys ip when I google my ip. The maps do not...
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    Ios 5 upgrade removed videos feom itunes

    Take this happened to everyone's iTunes with out notice, Just asking to confirm, Ihad a play list which contained videos and mp3s organized together, I just went to open a video, normally they play back via video app instead of iTunes, but when I went to open it the video was not in iTunes, in...
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    Facetime set up issues here, need advise

    Had my iPad 2 since they where available, I still do not understand why FaceTime never worked, I tried calling several friends on their iPhones and i got errors to check the number, I have a 3 g card as well as wifi on all the time and never successfully called a soul. What exactly am I don't...
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    Can i upgrade my ipad2 to ios5 while my ipad1 is jb yet use the same itunes libray?

    Want to upgrade the iPad 2 but still use my JB iPad 1 ios4 is it possible ? I use am iMac 27" i7, 12gb ram Os10 not lion
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    2 ipad2s, anyone know how to turn one into a baby monitor?

    Been searching for a baby monitor app of some kind to watch my kids on my second iPad 2 for hours today with no luck, is this possible , anyone on this site know of an app to monitor a baby with an iPhone or iPad 2 to an iPad, Thanks
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    AIM, anyoneknow how to block or prevent strangers from stalking you?

    I just checked out AIM on the ipad, seems cool, reliable but.... even after i close it i get messages in the middle of the night from people i dont even know, is there any way to prevent people you DONT KNOW from finding your AIM ID and stalking you, like only allow people in your AIM friends...
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    will the newer update of itunes ruin 4.3.3 JB devices?

    will the newer update of itunes ruin 4.3.3 JB devices? I am new to this so bare with me, what i did not understand is if iTunes updates can ruin JB 4.3.3 ipads some how, the reason im skeptical about it is that i read on some sites that other JB 4.3.5 methods exists but not for 3g iPad 2s, so...
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    Secret raccoon ordeal, anyone shed some light?

    asecretkeygoeshere anyone know about this, i for this app called DISKAID, installed it on a mac pro, connected my ipad and looked around and found this in Root, Private, etc, racoon At first impression it looks like something set up for intrusion right, like one can set a log and password to...
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    How do you Restore iPad 2 DFU mode 4.3.3

    I have restored from previous back ups before but recently due to some jailbroken tweek or been hacked when i woke up this morning i learned that i could not log back into the ipad, the slider worked but the keypad was scrambled in pieces all over my screen, obviously hacked, not only could i...
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    Messed up lockscreen keypad preventing user access

    I tried a tweak called lockscreeninfo and lockCalendar at the same time, and it worked great for a while until i went to sync the purchased apps to itunes, once i did this and rebooted all the sudden my lock pad password protection GUI went bananas, the ok button is somewhere else, does not work...
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    Anyone know if netatalk is worth it?

    I know its free but i found no info on how to change the password, anyone knows how please share also if anyone knows a better app that would be really cool, im willing to buy a decent app that lets me see my files and do things with out been too PC -ish about it and getting to the point.
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    *Edit by moderator - stolen apps* app ruins iTunes Store connection

    ipad2 3g wifi looses app store, error says can not connect no directory to be found anyone else get this downloading cydia or edit by moderator - stolen apps apps?
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    Anyway to turn the ipad 2 into a iphone 4 using my sim?

    Im trying to find a way to use my SIM to receive and make calls, i googled around, no luck, got 3g Unrestrictor and that messed up my iPhone 4 which now has no facetime to be found, on the ipad 2 i simply cant test it atm to receive or make calls, so far it seems like it cant receive anything...
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    FACETIME vanished off JB iPhone 4

    Hey guys my facetime disappeared, and i just purchased 3gUnrestrictor, i looked in restrictions and nothing was indicating facetime was restricted, very weird, i then removed all the themes, 3gUnrestrictor, and now the only apps left now are SBSettings, FolderEnhancer, firewall IP and Cydia...