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  1. Robertt

    Finding My Car

    After all the hassles involved with misplacing my car in a huge parking lot last week, it occured to me that I could enlist my iPhone (or iPad) to solve the problem in the future. When I get my car parked, I click on the Maps app and drop a pin. Works like a champ and now I don't lose my car...
  2. Robertt

    Multiplayer Games ??

    I have two iPads. I know there are some games out there that allow people to play them together on separate iPads. I'm guessing using bluetooth connection? Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for good ones?
  3. Robertt

    Can't stream video - Any Ideas?

    I have a 64gb 3G iPad. Connected thru any wifi connect, I can't seem to stream YouTube (and others) video. Rarely they run and usually get in about 20-30 seconds then stop. I can hit the play button and maybe another 5 seconds streams before it stops again. After that, they generally refuse to...
  4. Robertt

    Favorite News App

    I cannot seem to find a news app I like. USAToday is a nice start, but it doesn't have nearly enough content. And I hate how I accidentally open articles when I'm trying to scroll down the page. Newsy is interesting and shows promise but again, not nearly enough new content each day. What are...