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    March Madness!

    Well, March Madness is going on and now you can keep up with it thanks to the March Madness app which is FREE. You can get live feed the games, updates, schedules and a ton more. So go check it out!
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    Targus iPad Stylus Review

    Today I got the Targus iPad stylus at Best Buy. So far I am extremely pleased with the stylus. The stylus is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPod Nano. The stylus has some weight behind it but it feels very solid. It weighs 9.6 oz. It is 4 3/8 inches long, it feels...
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    What's a good car?

    What's a good car that is under $20,000 and is NOT a sports car. I'll be 16 pretty soon and just wanting to know what you guys suggest.
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    Easiest Stand To Make

    This is a very simple stand you can make. All you need is your iPad box, an object no more than 3 inches tall, the CD case is optional but you can also use something similar. I have pictures below to help you set it up, it should be quick and easy and makes a great video watching stand. Sorry...
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    Really Good Looking Wallpapers

    Here are some wallpapers I came across that I thought were really good looking. Enjoy! :)