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  1. biobunny

    Will my iPad mirror the screen when connected to a monitor?

    As the title says. I might buy a HDMI adaptor sooner or later if the iPad can mirror the screen, maybe add bluetooth keyboard as well. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  2. biobunny

    IPad Music App Without the faux wood mod

    After a few simple mods to the iPad Music app, I got it to look 50% better. Unfortunately I also attempted to mod it to have a dark theme and reverted it back because there was no way I could change the text colour. That created a few graphics artifacts when I reverted the graphics. I did these...
  3. biobunny

    Music Syncing Problems

    Any explanation? Sent from K48
  4. biobunny

    Tutorial: Boot Live Linux using an iPad

    YUp, you've heard that right, I've managed to run Ubuntu using my iPad as an USB Drive. CAUTION: I'm not responsible for your iPads if they kernel panic, explode, etc. Use this on your own risk. This is an advanced for seriously advanced users tutorial, if any members could make a better...
  5. biobunny

    Theming help

    I've been trying to recreate the OSX 2D dock, so far it looks like this. Any help? I need the icons to obviously be in the center. Sent from K48
  6. biobunny

    Home sharing and the Music App

    How do I do it? Google only shows how it works with the old music app, not the new one. Thanks Sent from K48
  7. biobunny

    Decyphering Kernel Panic log

    Today I've gotten a Kernel Panic. It started when launching an app, then the iPad completely froze. SSHing into it didn't work. While I focused on that it gave a kernel panic. If anyone can decipher this cryptic log. No pictures on the actual kernel panic, unfortunately. Sent from K48 Edit...
  8. biobunny

    Avatar change

    I Can't decide! I want an avatar and made these two. The second one is my current. They were both made on my iPad. if any mod can make this a poll as I'm on my iPad. Sent from K48
  9. biobunny

    Your iPad turns into a Mac, what do you do?

    This is very random but here goes... You, for some reason restart your iPad, and suddenly it starts up in Mac OS X, what would be the first thing you would do. For me, I would jump and yell "YEAH!". Sent from K48
  10. biobunny

    Security hole in iOS

    I am using an iPad password this long for Root and Mobile ************************************, however when I enter a shortened version of it, the iPad accepts it when being SSH'ed into. Any ideas? Sent from K48
  11. biobunny

    technical Difference between "soft reset" vs restart

    I always keep wondering what is the technical difference. If anyone can tell it in geek form that'll be helpfull. Sent from my jailbroken K48.
  12. biobunny

    Hidden "think different" text in iPad (iOS5)

    Check out what I found in /System/Library/CoreServices/MobileCoreTypes.bundle: Sent from my jailbroken interestingCompanionPad (iPad 1,1 iOS5.0.1
  13. biobunny

    iPF app refuses to upload picture

    Tried to upload a picture using the iPF app and it told me that the photo plugin of the iPF web server is outdated and that I should contact a admin of the website. Any ideas? Sent From my jailbroken interestingcompanionPad using iPF!
  14. biobunny

    Apple AppStore is being strange

    The AppStore claimed in the SpringBoard that it has one update. I went there and then it displayed "All apps up to date". Then the badge disappeared. Later it appeared again but then it gave this screen: Any help? Is this the end of updates :(. Sent From my jailbroken interestingcompanionPad...
  15. biobunny

    Idea for the iPad forums

    I joined another forums that called GTPlanet and they are specialized in Gran Turismo 5 which is a racing video game. In that game you had the option to make pictures of your virtual car. And they create competitions on the best picture based on a theme. So I thought iPad Forums should perhaps...
  16. biobunny

    Free apps to turn iPad into mouse and keyboard, help!

    Does anyone know free apps to turn iPad into mouse and keyboard. I tried one of them which does it horrible and another one requires me to pay in other to use the keyboard. I very recently brought a old Mac mini that had no power cable to live while using the 40 inch TV as a display and using a...
  17. biobunny

    Okay, I jailbroke, and now what?

    So I'm lost after jailbreaking by accident. What do you guys think I should get? Sent from my interestingcompanionPad using iPF!
  18. biobunny

    iOS 6-what do you want for the ipad?

    Please continue iOS 6 conversations here. Please no comments about flash although good creative ideas are most welcome. EDIT: as a note, if you want flash on your iPad either now or in iOS6, you'll have to jailbreak (if iOS6 will get jailbroken). Sent from my interestingcompanionPad using iPF!
  19. biobunny

    Mac Mini

    A friend of mine has a European Model Intel Model Mac Mini (the non aluminum one) and somehow lost the most important cable ever: the power cable. Now that he's in the US he needs a power cable. Will the US power cable work with this Mac? Sent from my interestingcompanionPad using iPF!
  20. biobunny

    Black on white is useless... or is it?

    Most of the time black on white is useless for most people but I noticed in a web browser if a website has a black background with white text just put black on white on and it becomes more readable! Unfortunately as I can't make any screenshots of them. As a bonus you can play Angry Birds...
  21. biobunny

    Annoying Musicplayer

    Has anyone had this, Sometimes when I have locked the iPad and have headphones plugged in and then suddenly music randomly plays (when I don't know), and not the ones that I like. This only happened when I updated my iPad to the latest firmware. This is so annoying and later perhaps even...
  22. biobunny

    Sorry guys

    I going to have my examination in a few months so I will use less of iPad forums time. Sorry about that. Other iPad masters alike please answer the questions for some of the people I have tried to help. Biobunny
  23. biobunny

    Creative apps

    Does anyone know any creative apps for the iPad as I have Audacity, Google Sketchup, and others for my Mac which is unavailable. There's no point for me to always go to the iPad forums all the time. Note that I'm outta cash so are there any free options. Please don't suggest any useless drawing...
  24. biobunny

    I'm not a newby I just have a question

    I just want to know but when/how do people become iPad Masters in this forum? I'm not desperate or anything this is just a question.
  25. biobunny

    Just a message

    I just want to say that jailbreaking is great but all the people in my school do it just to install pirated apple AppStore apps. I just can't belief it. They also think that is the only reason for jailbreaking their iPhone's or iPod touch's. Just saying this to stop piraters. Sorry if my english...
  26. biobunny

    I'm a newby

    Uh I'm a new guy here, so hello. (sorry if my English is bad) I own a iPad and I'm typing this on a iPad