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  1. Black_Creek

    Besondere Notiz-App gesucht

    Hallo Matthias, Schau dir die App GoodNotes mal an. Gibt jede Menge Youtube-Videos dazu. Gruß Andreas
  2. Black_Creek

    Does the Cellular Version Use a Sim Card?

    You can choose it in the mobile data section in the settings app. But the plans which you can get there are very very expensive! I checked it on my trip to italy. It is much better to get a prepaid sim from a local provider!
  3. Black_Creek

    Photo app

    Yes i'm aware of this and i am fine with it :)
  4. Black_Creek

    Photo app

    You can do folders in folders (and so on) on the mac only. But you can sync it to your ipad. I sync by icloud to your ipad and iphone. You also can add keywords and a lot of other information to your photos (metadata) - but also only on the mac. But - and i love that - it will be searchable on...
  5. Black_Creek

    8.4.1 Jailbreak possible ?

    At this time not! Do do not update if you need jailbreak. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Black_Creek

    Will you be renewing your Apple Music subscription after the trial ends?

    Me too! I really love it [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Black_Creek

    Opening Pictures from Photo App Takes 5 Seconds

    Pls also keep in mind that the iPad 3 is a old device... There are some legs in many different apps on my old ipad 3 on iOS 8. if you're using your ipad alot i recommend tomby an newer one's, ipad air or the air 2... By the way i am using an air now and i love it :)
  8. Black_Creek

    Office app for ipad

    Hi, i have DocsToGo (Premium). I am happy with this app. Edit: you will find it with DOCUMENTS TO GO. There is also a free version to try it out.
  9. Black_Creek

    BTstackmouse Compatible Mouse

    For the keyboard you do not need the app. I used on iOS 6, worked perfekt with a mouse.
  10. Black_Creek

    texting help needed

    Hi Mike, you both could use Skype. So you can text each other. Her iPad has to connected to the internet by wlan. Hope this help. Regards, Andy
  11. Black_Creek

    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    Lots of people do not know what jailbreaking is for... I spend about 100 bucks on cydia tweaks, both iphone and ipad. You can really put your ipad to a new level. For example, i can use a bluetooth mouse on my ipad, send every file, song or picture with bluetooth, safe every file to my ipad and...
  12. Black_Creek

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    My equipment: iMac 27" MacBook 13" (unibody) Time Capsule Apple TV 2 Apple TV 3 iPhone 5 iPad 3 I call myself not as a fanboy, i really like the interaction of ALL devices. . . Okay, i hate Android... Happy? :)
  13. Black_Creek

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Thanks J.A. :) I spend a little time just to "overfly" this forum. Very very good one. I am just sorry about that i found it now, and not years ago... :)
  14. Black_Creek

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi Folks, I am using an iPad 3 and i wamt to switch to an iPad 4, 128 GB. I am sure that the new iPad (5) will be a new killer, but i still can't deal with iOS 7... I will stay on iOS 6 as long as i can. Altough i won't loose my jailbreak :) I found this forum by searching the web for am iPad...