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    Peripheral Device Driver

    I have tried to pair my iPad with my Dell PC and have received an error message about the Peripheral Device Driver is not installed. Where do I find this file to download and install? Thanks
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    Earphones for iPad (and other i products too!)

    I am looking for a good (not the best for thousands of $) set of earphones for music and movies. What are you using; why do you like them? What have you rejected and why? Thanks,
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    Best MP4 player

    I use Cine X for avi; I can convert mov and mp4 to avi using Pazera converters. However, is there a player that will play mov and mp4 videos? Thanks
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    The Guardian Eyewitness

    Supposed to be great; however, I cannot open it. Every time I try to open it give me the message: No WiFi Connection. sorry, please connect to a wireless network to download new photographs. Ridiculous as I am permanently connected to, in Australia, Telstra Wireless! I have just logged onto...
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    iPad Sync Backup Folder

    Did all kinds of searches here; no joy! Where, in Explorer do I find the iPad sync backups? I would like to delete a few.
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    IPad substantially slows download speeds

    Why? I have a router into which is plugged my wireless USB internet dongle. When ONLY my computer is connected and I am doing a download the transfer rate is 2-300kb/sec. BUT, when the iPad is on and connected the speed is reduced to - sometimes - less than 10kb/sec. Why?
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    X-Marks about to be gone; viable alternative?

    Hi. X-Marks, a fantastic app that synced Bookmarks etc between iPad, IE, Firefox and other browsers. X-Marks is shutting down. What do you use to sync bookmarks between your iPad and your computer?
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    SIM Card + WiFi

    I have searched and cannot find the answer I am looking for - isn't that always the case! When you iPad has both an active SIM card so that you are automatically connected to the broadband network, and at the same time you are connected to a free WiFi network, does the iPad automatically choose...
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    Network IP Addresses +

    Why is it that sometimes you choose a network and you are able to turn on the Auto Log on button and up comes all or the IP address information and other times you choose a network and NO Auto Log on and no IP address information? Why is it that you have what appears to be a three bar signal to...
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    Kindle Books On iPad

    I was "gifted" 850 .mobi books from current popular authors. I have all of these book in a folder on my PC I named -duh! - My Kindle Books. I also have a fold My Kindle Content created by - I believe - Kindle for PC. I can paste a .mobi book into the Content folder, open Kindle for PC, and...
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    G'Day from a New iPad Junkie in Australia

    Hi, The only thing that will make my iPad better is: Increased storage: 64gb squared The ability to do everything that jailbreakers do without jailbreaking Multi-tasking You too can add to the list.