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  1. metheridge

    New iTunes 10.4?

    Just noticed the update. Anything new? Mel
  2. metheridge

    iOS5b4 is out now.

    Just got a dev email telling me iOS5b4 is avail for download now. Mel
  3. metheridge

    Stuck in Safe Mode?

    Cant figure this out? Tried deleting the last couple of apps/widgets I installed and my jbipad2 still comes up in safe mode??? Mel
  4. metheridge

    Jailbreak Ipad 2 vs iOS5b2 Advantages???

    I have a Ipad2 with iOS5b2 on it. What are the advantages/disadvantages of jailbroke iPad2 4.3.3 over 5? Thanks, Mel
  5. metheridge

    IPAD/Itunes Memory size?

    Is there a way I tell how much memory my tunes/songs would use before syncing them over to my Ipad2? Thanks, Mel
  6. metheridge

    App to resize photos???

    Anyone know of a good one? Sent from my iPad2 using iPF!
  7. metheridge

    Smudges under my gorilla glass!!!

    I got my new Ipad2 last week and is great! However, in bright sunlight I can see smudges UNDER the glass! It's like when it was assembled someone was not wearing gloves! If this is so along with the other problems Apple is having this sounds like bad quality control. Mel Sent from my iPad2...
  8. metheridge

    Tired of waiting

    Well, im tired of waiting.....cancelled my order and im going to wait and see what the galaxy tab 10.1 looks like... Sorry apple u had ur chance to convert me.....u loose.