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    iPad Air Display App for windows XP

    This whole thread is sad and sorry to see it revived. Thanks Paddalin for your insights, it is nice to see someone taking the time to investigate. Also noticed at the app store a lot of bashing of positive reviews all at once by 5 people around the time this was active - that also seems...
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Yes, thanks newfmp3 - I was waiting for a good side-by-side of the two - I'm using a free one now and want to at most only buy one remoting program!
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    iPad Air Display App for windows XP

    @sniff - I don't use it that way (I use it a second monitor) but definitely agree that if you wanted a touchable screen for your device, this isn't the app for you... and hope it wasn't my comments that misled. In windows land, there are some remote desktop apps that are closer in...
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    Any good canadian ipad apps?

    Pretty disappointed with the Canadian content apps so far - Globe and Mail's app I tried out and just didn't get it. If I wanted a pdf-scanned version of a newspaper I guess that would be it. Do I really want to emulate having articles so broken up and manually flipping through pages? And...
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    Apps that I actually use.

    LOL when I saw this thread and then calculated what I actually use regularly vs what I've actually bought (guess I have to be more careful :D) Atomic (browser) Jot! (best tool I've found for brainstorming with typing/doodling combo) Evernote Ibooks/Kindle/Zinio/B&N App Pulse ScoreCenterXL BBC...
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Sorry to make everyone's decision harder but I just tried out the newly released TeamViewer HD Free and it is very impressive. Definitely worth a look, especially at this price point, assuming non-commercial use. I've tried a few and I think I'll move over to it. I really don't like having to...
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    iPad Air Display App for windows XP

    I just posted a mini-review of the maxivista ipad app on your announcement thread. Altogether the app has been very impressive so far!