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    Backing Up After Jailbreaking?

    I am still undecided whether I want to jailbreak. One issue that confuses me is what to do about syncing and backing up after one JB's. I understand that before JBing, one should backup his/her iPad. That backup could be used to restore the iPad in the future, if something goes wrong with the...
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    Two iPad 2's On One Computer and One iTunes Account??

    My first venture into the tablet world (and the Apple world) occured back in March, when I purchased an iPad 2. My wife is pretty much a non-techno person, but, wow, has she taken to the iPad 2. So much so that she has pretty much stolen it from me. Well, that isn't going to work with me, so...
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    Macloveworld iPad 2 Cases

    There are a couple of cases on the Maclove world website that really catch my eye, but I cannot seem to find much info on the company, nor availability of the cases. Anyone have any info? I am so dang tired of searching for a case that suits my needs. It seems that every time I get ready to...
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    Best and Easiest Way To Transfer Photos To My iPad 2?

    I have an iPad 2 on the way to me. Yesterday, I set up iTunes on my laptop PC. I store and process all of my photos on my desktop PC. I am going to put my better photos on a flash drive and place them on my laptop. I will set up folders by year taken and some sub-folders, by genre. I have...
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    Newbie Has Questions About iTunes and iPad

    I am fairly computer literate, but I do not know squat about an iPad, nor iTunes. I just lucked out and bought an iPad 2 and it is set to arrive on 3/30. My son has an iPod and has an iTunes account already. He uses gift cards to fund his purchases. I think that it would be best if I set up...
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    Other Than The Obvious, What Are The Advantages of Getting 3G?

    I will be buying an iPad 2, my first iPad. I have WiFi connections out the ying-yang and when I don't, like in a moving car, I will hotspot to pick up 3G. I know that one needs 3G for good and reliable GPS, but beyond that, what, if any, are the advantages of getting an iPad with 3G? And I...
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    Question About Websites That Use Flash

    If a website uses Flash in certain areas of its site, does that result in an iPad not being able to access any part of the site? For example, MSN uses Flash for an advertisement, but, as far as I can tell, does not use Flash on most of its site. Thanks for any help.