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    Can't find music I know I have

    I synchronize my iPad daily with my iTunes on my Mac. The setup is to sync the entire music library. But I keep having trouble finding some songs. I looked for a song today that I knew was on my iTunes, the title is "It Was a Very Good Year" from the album "Genius Loves Company" with Ray...
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    An iPad for an old lady

    I am thinking about getting an iPad for my mother for Christmas. I am retired myself, and we both have POP e-mail accounts. She uses her Windows computer for e-mail, games, and buying e-books for her Kindle. She would rather do all of that from her bed, and wants a tablet. The only...
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    Preparing for a car trip

    I'm going on vacation at the end of this month with my wife and grandsons (from Denver to San Francisco). I have found some stopping points and created contacts of them, hoping to have the addresses and maps easily available. I'm cheap about using my phone's minutes, although our iPads could...
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    Switching from song to list

    Quite often, I will open my iPad's music app by doing a search for a particular song and selecting it. After I've played it, I open a playlist and wish to get a random song, but unless I select a particular song, it keeps playing the song I selected, over and over again. Is there an easy way...
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    No social networking

    I'd love a hack that stopped all applications from asking if I want to be connected to others doing the same app.
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    Copying to new iPad

    The last time I downloaded an app, Apple had me accept that I was only "renting" the app for one device. Does that apply when I upgrade my iPad? Or if I already have an app on my iPad and my iPod? My wife is talking about getting another one for when we both want to read books. If Apple...
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    iPad purse

    My wife wants a purse that can hold an iPad. Anybody have any suggestions? She likes fairly big purses, but this one needs a right sized pocket for our iPad in its case.