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  1. K

    Ipad 1 revert to home screen

    It doesn't matter if your on the internet or not, in safari or not. I have read about memory low problems causing it. The only thing I had on it were songs, so I did a restore and left them totally off. Still crashes. I made sure nothing was running in the background. Problems started when I...
  2. K

    Camera stopped working

    Sometimes the front works but the back never works, could this be a software issue
  3. K


    Here's the scenario. I opened an online job application. Filled everything out. At the bottom was a button to choose a file to attach a resume. I have a resume saved as a PDF. When I click choose, it gives me 2 options take a photo or video. Or choose existing. If I select choose existing...
  4. K

    Cant find server

    iPad 1 with 5.1.1. Signs onto Internet just fine. Will not gather email says there is no connection to server, yet I can open safari go to yahoo and sign on just fine. What gives? Also how do I get my name into auto fill since its not in the contact list, I know add to list, so how do I do...
  5. K

    Photo attachment

    How do you attach a photo to an outgoing email? There is definitely not an attach and browse button that I can find.
  6. K

    Ipad as an ipod

    Ok. My tv and surround sound has a docking station, I can drop my iPod onto it and listen to tunes thru the tv or thru thr surround. iPad won't plug in because of the size, so I bought an extension cable. Plugged in and viola, nothing. What gives? Please don't tell me I can't use it thru the...
  7. K

    App sign in problem

    I am new to the iPad, like 2 days at this point. My wife signed in with her apple I'd to download an app. Later I created my own I'd when I went to download an app a window popped up with her i.d. Wanting her password. It doesn't give me an option to enter my apple I.d. How do I remove her...