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    An iPad for an old lady

    Well, unless you are replacing her pc I wouldn't get rid of her Windows machine. The iPad does a lot but it is not going to replace her computer.
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    Can't open videos/links on Facebook

    The signal problem could be location in the house as well. Do you connect just fine in some parts of the house and others are just 'dead'? It's just like a cell phone. Not much you can do about that. My daughter has the same problem, and we've never been able to remedy it.
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    Pages and Numbers issues

    A better free office suite is Kingsoft Office. I used to use OpenOffice myself. Kingsoft is patterned after MS Office 2007 - looks and has most of the features for it as well. Saves in MS file formats and opens MS Office files as well. I'm not allowed to post links yet, but you can do a...
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    Creating Apple ID on setup of iPad

    Thanks. I completely forgot I had asked this before - senior moment lol!
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    Creating Apple ID on setup of iPad

    Anyone remember if setting up the Apple ID was mandatory when setting up the iPad? If someone is going to restore the iOS operating system because they want to sell their iPad, do they have to create an Apple ID at the time of restoring it? Can't remember for the life of me if waiting was an...
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    Siri problem

    I give iPad classes at a computer club, and I've run into a weird problem. Siri has activated on a few students iPads during the classes. Is it possible to shut Siri off and then later turn it back on without affecting the way it operates for that user? I'm guessing Siri must be picking up my...
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    How does Pages save an edited document

    This question might sound weird, but I am currently using a free app for another word processing program and am somewhat annoyed at the way my iPad saves edited documents with it. Instead of updating the original, it creates a copy and saves that. How does Pages treat a document edited on an...
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    Difference from iPad 2 to iPad Air

    I've been teaching iPad classes at my computer club with my iPad 2 for several months and now the club is getting a new iPad Air for instructors (primarily me). Anyone who can clue me in on major features to look for while I get my chance to take it home and get used to it (aside from Siri - I...
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    Opening PowerPoint attachments ,but no sound .....

    What is the file format of the audio? That could be the factor. I know the iPad won't handle a .wav file. Another app you might try is the Kingsoft Office suite app. It's free and will run MS Office files - don't know about the audio though.
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    iCloud/ Google Drive/ Microsoft One Drive/ the Box??? DROPBOX!!

    Probably because many of us don't have the freebie option. Apple really screwed over older customers with this one. I'm not going to pay for something others are getting for free just because they bought more recently. I feel sorry for those who layed out the money to purchase these programs...
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    iCloud/ Google Drive/ Microsoft One Drive/ the Box??? DROPBOX!!

    There is a FREE office suite for your pc called Kingsoft Office 2013 based on MS Office 2007 and it has a mobile app that is good for editing. No spreadsheet editing though - only viewing. Good for Powerpoint presentations as well. It will open and save all docs created and edited in...
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    Well, we finally have a way to save our docs, pics, etc. in folders like we're used to on our pcs. The Filemaster app has been great so far. I've had it for a couple of weeks now. Anyone been using it for a while and have any tips about using it? I'm going to start including this app in my...
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    The schools and business market is a good point. If Apple thinks they are going to 'force' people to buy new in this economy, they better get their collective heads out of the clouds and come down to the real world. Look what's happened to Microsoft and XP. Plenty of businesses are still...
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    iPad 2 has been discontinued by Apple, but will it still be able to get updates - especially iOS 8 for instance.
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    Pages on iPad2 frozen on Document Details page.

    Have you ever done a complete reset of your iOS operating system. My iPad 2 was having some minor issues - like the now and then freeze up, or certain apps crashing. Once I did a total reset, everything is working fine. iPads don' get general maintenance like our computers do (disk cleanup...
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    iPad Battery

    My iPad 2 is running great, but I was wondering if, somewhere down the road, the battery will no longer recharge can it be replaced without sending it off to Apple? I know they would charge an arm and leg for that so wonder what it would cost to DIY if it is possible to do at all.
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    Where can i find saved documents?

    I was getting the feeling that it was something like that, but wanted to check it out. Thanks for the verification.
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    Where can i find saved documents?

    Trying to figure out how to find saved documents but there doesn't seem to be a documents 'folder' like we are used to in Windows. Been practicing using the Kingsoft Office suite app and wondering where my documents are going!
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    Must I enter Apple ID during reset

    OK. When passing on to another user, it's good that they let you skip it. Maybe that was the intent. Otherwise, you would have to set up a new apple id and password and pass that along. Of course, if the new owner was smart, they would use that info to get it up and running and erase and...
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    What is your thoughts on the iPad suite from Microsoft ?

    Downloaded that but haven't tried it yet. What's you opinion?
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    What is your thoughts on the iPad suite from Microsoft ?

    First of all, you have to already be using Office 365 which costs about $100 annually. I'll stick to the free Kingsoft (both on my pc and my iPad).
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    Must I enter Apple ID during reset

    If a person is going to pass on an iPad to a new owner, can the Apple ID wait to be set up or must it be entered during the reset after erasing process?
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    Loading Books Using itunes

    Using Skydrive with Windows 7? Download SkyDrive for Windows for Windows 7 free - Windows 7 Download Skydrive is already built in to Windows 8.
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    Ipad 2 locked on startup!!!

    I know this is part of the new security, but Apple should be able to help you work around this. I would contact the company. They will obviously want some proof of new ownership. There has to be some way to get you up and running.
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    Loading Books Using itunes

    Try using another cloud file sharing app like Skydrive. You'll need a Microsoft email address first of all (go to to create one). Then go to the App Store and get the Skydrive and iBooks apps installed on your iPad. On your computer, learn how to use Skydrive Getting started...
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    To start did you get the Netflix app? These apps often have the built in player/viewer whatever is needed since iPad does not play flash.
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    Beware of knockoff chargers

    "Quality control" ? In this day and age that's laughable. I knew someone who worked for Underwriter's Labs for a short stint a couple of years ago. That person quit because conditions were so bad - he was afraid he'd get electrocuted from the equipment they had (it was in such terrible...
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    Beware of knockoff chargers

    Exactly, once in a while any manufacturer, including Apple's, could turn out a faulty charger.
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    Beware of knockoff chargers

    I wouldn't condemn all 'knock off' chargers but $4US is excessively cheap and probably was garbage. I've been using a knock off for over a year now and it works fine. Paid around $9US for mine. Notice the accidents the first post cites: The first sounds like blame shifting was easy because...
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    iPad Rollout in LA School Postponed When Students Hack Around the Safeguards

    I also forgot to mention, there's a growing trend to making schools go paperless. We have one such school in our county here in Florida. It's brand new and this is supposed to cut expenses in the long run. I guess they are using it as a test case to see what the actual savings will be.
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    iPad Rollout in LA School Postponed When Students Hack Around the Safeguards

    First off schools never pay anywhere near full price. Secondly, they probably had a corporate backer to pay for it - or most of it.
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    iPad Rollout in LA School Postponed When Students Hack Around the Safeguards

    Lol, no surprise there. I worked as a high school computer lab manager a few years back. Those kids know how to get into everything. We had a program called Fortress on our desktop pcs and the kids found the way around it in days. It was so simple it was mind boggling.