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    Wary about the Ipad 2

    I have an ipad2. I use iSwifter for the flash problem. It allows me to watch videos from websites like CBS and FOX. I haven't tried comedy central but I bet it works. As for the light bleeding. I have already exchanged one ipad for that reason but the apple people told me that I should hold...
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    .avi movies on Ipad2

    Try avplayer hd. I think it costs 2.99 but it is absolutely great.
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    Airport security iPad

    When I travel I always take my iPad out because when I don't they always hassle me about it. I would take it out just to save yourself the trouble of waiting for re screening
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    If you DON'T have a yellow screen, please read.

    32 gb wifi only black
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    Wireless keyboard

    All you have to do is go to settings --> turn on bluetooth and the ipad should find the bluetooth keyboard. It will tell you to punch in some numbers in the keyboard and it will be paired.
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    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    Looking for a mic also. Would like to use with iPhone 4 as well.
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    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    I have tried these. They don't fit and make my ears hurt after prolonged use. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    I am looking for a good bluetooth or wireless headset that will work with the ipad 2 and iphone 4. I am not looking for headband style. I would really like something that is flexible and I can wear only one earbud if I want. So far I can't find a good pair. Most of what I find is headband...
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    Mad with Best Buy :(

    Did you not notice the price difference? If they charged you for 3g and you got wi-fi only you should definitely complain.
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    Incase Origami it!!!

    This is just what I've been looking for. Thanks
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    Protect the back but still use Apple cover

    I got it installed at a mall kiosk. It was 45.
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    Protect the back but still use Apple cover

    I just had invisible shield full body installed on my iPad 2. It does not interfere with the smart cover at all. I'm very happy with it.
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    iPad 1 Still Selling Like Hot Cakes

    Verizon dropped the price of 16 gbiPad 1 wi-fi only to 299 earlier this week. I already have an iPad 2 but I bought the first generation for my parents.
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I have 1 MBP 1 White MacBook 1 iPad 2 1 iPod touch 1 iPhone 4 1 iPod nano 1 iPod shuffle. I think I have a problem.
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    Protect the back but still use Apple cover

    I'm getting invisible shield put on the back this afternoon. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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    Upgrade or wait?

    I was in the same position. Had first gen iPad but really wanted iPad 2. I have no legitimate reason to get iPad 2 but I wanted it for the flat back and slimmer body. I sold iPad 1 for 350 and paid the extra 150 for iPad 2. IMO it was a good deal.
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    How much should i sell my ipad 2 on craigslist?

    I have found that they are selling for about 100-150 above list price on eBay. That does not include shipping, fees, taxes you paid. I was going to sell mine but reconsidered. I'd try craigslist but be prepared to get a ton of low ball offers. On craigslist list for at least 50 more than the...
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    When asked for tip for getting IPAD2 in retail store...

    I called my apple store and they said their procedure is to hold shipments received that day for next morning sales beginning at 9 am. He also told me that people start lining up outside from 4-7 ish. He said the line to get ipads daily has been at least 70-100 each day. He was not able to tell...
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    Ordering through AT&T site

    I don't know if this helps or not but I ordered my iphone 4 from att. I also was antsy about the order until I got my phone. It showed up on the expected date but I got no information about it until I actually had it in my hands. I wouldn't worry too much.
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    What is a jailbroken iPad?

    Yes you can reset the iPad to factory settings. This essentially un-jailbreaks the iPad.
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    What is a jailbroken iPad?

    Jailbroken just means that you can get third party apps, games, etc that are not approved by apple and offered through iTunes. There are other things you can do as far as customizing ipad screens and themes also. There are other aspects of jailbreaking but that is the main thing.
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    Leather or Polyurethane Smart Cover?

    I tried both the leather and the poly smart covers. IMO the leather is not worth the cost. The leather has better colors but the leather scratches easily while the poly does not scratch. I returned my leather and kept the green poly. It wasn't worth it to me to pay an extra 30 bucks just for...
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    When will ipad 2 be in stock again...

    I was at best buy today and they got a shipment right before I got there. They sold all of them within 20 minutes. They told me to check back everyday as they get shipments everyday and they might get iPads.
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    problems with ipad 2

    I went to wal mart and got the 32 GB black. It was exactly what I wanted. I'm impatient and could not wait for the iPad to come in the mail.
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    Case, what are you using?

    I have a green smart cover and red sleeve. I'm also waiting for the invisible shield full body to come so the back of my iPad will be protected.
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    I had the option to get my money back but I'd rather have my iPad protected until the new batch comes in. They said they would save me one and call when they arrived. I'm not crazy about the back being exposed. Don't know when the full body will come in. Hopefully soon.
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    Two questions Did anyone get the full body installed on the iPad 2? I'm interested in it but want to know how it affects the speaker. Did anyone who got the zagg invisible shield put on the screen have a problem with the cut? On mine the camera hole is off my a few centimeters and covers part...
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    Smart Cover with Back

    That looks cool. Any idea when it is coming out?
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Went to Wal-mart at 4:20, waited 40 minutes walked out at 5:02 with a black 32GB wi-fi only. Very happy about not having to wait in the 300+ line at the Apple Store.
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    how 'anal' are you about your Apple products?

    I'm crazy. I keep all the boxes for almost every electronic I buy.
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    Improved VLC performance?

    I love VLC on the iPad. I can watch all my videos without having to format!
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    Where will you buy your Ipad 2 and why...

    I wanted to order from Apple this morning but the 3-5 days to ship deterred me. I am going to stand in line somewhere. Apple store if it isn't too long or Best Buy. Best Buy told me that they would be handing out tickets at 4:00 and selling at 5:00. If I go to the Apple store I don't have to...
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    Help me justify please

    Almost $1000 does seem an awful lot to pay for a second tablet. That being said. I am about to spend $800 on an iPad 2 + accessories today. I have a MBP and iPhone 4. But the iPad is just so great for things the MBP and iPhone can't do -- surf the net in bed, watch videos, play games, read...
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    iPad to iPad 2 Question re: apps

    It is my understanding that you do not have to repurchase apps. You just hook your new iPad to your computer and transfer old purchases via itunes to your iPad.
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    Faster playback speed for videos

    Wow! This is exactly my situation! Someone please help.
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    Media Player that speeds up video

    I'm looking for a media player that speeds up video playback. I have tried VLC. The ipad and iphone versions don't have this feature but the computer version does. I have also looked into BUZZ and CineX and OPlayer. None of these seem to have the feature either. If they do please let me...