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    iOS 8 on iPad 4G battery drain.

    I have been running iOS 8 for a couple of days and the battery life is normal.
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    Why is the wifi antenna so bad on the iPad 2

    My wife use my old iPad2 and the WiFi range is similar to my iPad Air and in both cases it is significantly more than 15 feet. The problem could be the router if all devices on that router have a similar range. If the iPad have the 15 feet range regardless of which router it is on, then there...
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    From what I have read, this update is only to address the SSL mail issue. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Transfer photos

    This connector is a worthwhile spend, especially when traveling.
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    Ipad Connection issue

    The first question is if printer have WiFi capability. If yes, the simples solution would be to check if your service provider allow for the iPad to be used as "hotspot". That way the iPad will be the actual router through wich your your printer can connect via WiFi and your second iPad can...
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    Strange DHCP Problem

    With the adress ranges changing so dramatically, It could be that the router sessting have been reset to factory default. I had that happen to me some time ago after a power failure. the only solotion was to restore the router settings from a backup, or conficuring it manually.
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    How to get rid of the speaker volume symbol at the centre of the screen of an iPad1?

    Agreed. It should not stay on the screen for more than a couple of seconds.
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    Office for iPad App to Get Released Ahead of Windows 8 Version

    Why bother, or is MS so desperate that they are trying to make mobey twice from their competioiton 1st for the app and then for Office 365?
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    Laugh Of The Day

    Love it Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Food anyone?

    That's the way to do it. Wonder who started the practice of reserving certain foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    It's not quite as ho as in OZ, but 38 at 17:30 in South Africa. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Is the retina for Ipad mini worth the $100

    I have seen a number of members that bought their iPad's for one purpose and then the use gradually migrated. The money spent is definitely worth the difference in power. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Best iPad in your opinion?

    It has to be the Air.
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    How long should a ipad last

    My wife is using my iPad 2 and is have just gone past the two year mark and is still going strong. I have a number of colleagues who are still using their iPad1 on a daily basis. They are starting to consider upgrading due to lack of the latest OS and resultant App support / updatability
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    Possible to make 2 seperate back ups?

    Another way to have two backups is to have two profiles (user logon) on your computer. Even if the second one is for the roll back backup only. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Unable to display iPad screen on TV Screen

    I suggest that you refer to the latest iPad userguide to the Airplay section. This will show you how to switch the display from the Ipad to the TV when the App allows it. Also refer to mirrioing under the Airplay section, as this will show the total iPad display on the TV.
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    Gift iPad to Someone without credit card?

    The way that I got around this for my daughter is to "purchase" a free app. Then you do not have to enter credit card details. Thereafter use gift cards. Sent from my iPad4 using Tapatalk
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    iOS 7.0.3 is out now

    Installed the update last night and will be monitoring for any perceived changes. I skipped Keychain as well for now. Thanks for the previous posts on the subject. Now I can look at the features properly before deciding to take the plunge. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    How do i sync my ipad via wi-fi?

    There is a setting on iTunes that need to be set to accomplish this. Connect your iPad to the PC via the usb cable and once the iPad is visible, select it. On one of the first screens of the iPad view in iTunes, towards the bottom is a check box that must be selected to synch the iPad via WiFi...
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    Apple cuts refurbished iPad prices: iPad Mini is now $249 and iPad 4 is $379

    The iPad2 still functions pretty well in most non gaming apps and therefore is still a good drawcard for business and mobility.
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    OS7 email issue

    The native mail app showing unread mails when there are none is nit a new issue as I have been experiencing this issue for some time in IOS6. While the problem mostly showed up in my exchange mail box, my webmail also experienced this problem from time to time. I have not found a reliable way...
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    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    The hummingbird is too qute.☺️ Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Waiting to fall asleep. It's 03:30 in the morning. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Laugh Of The Day

    That dog is hillarious. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Analyst sees a 64-bit iPad 5 putting further pressure on PC sales

    I have to agree. Some time in the future that iPad may form the "Brian" of a PC-less workstation (connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), where we have a reasonable size screen, keyboard and mouse like controller. Then the PC will be on the way uot as we will have true integrated mobility and power...
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    Camera: not so much a bug, more an irritation and/or a feature? Beware!

    Good to know iBozz. However if you use a four finger swipe you immediately end up in the Control centre.
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    How do I tell what iPad I have plus....

    You will be able to determine your iPad model on the apple site by following the link below. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Safari Google search navigation in IOS7

    I checked in the Chrome app and it now the same there as well. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Safari Google search navigation in IOS7

    I also liked the previous feature. As it appear to be the same in IOS 6 and IOS7, could it have something to do with the google search and not the IOS? Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Searching for files on iPad with iOS 7....

    For some reason, a four finger swipe does not work, but a three finger swipe does. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Iphone tether

    Agree. Look for the option "Personal Hotspot" is visible under cellular in the setting app, if it is not visible, the carrier have not switched it on yet. My carrier only switched with IOS7. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    iOS 7 - first impressions

    No major issues thus far. Getting used to the new look and feel. Eventually managed to get Newsstand moved to a folder☺️ Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    iOS 7 - first impressions

    Great news. Will do the Wife's iPad2 next. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    The iPad Videos App

    That day can not arrive soon enough. In the mean time we apply the backup at least twice rule. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    On the train on my way to the office. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Microsoft Bashes iPad Again With New Surface Video

    Bashing the competition smacks of despiration. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Used iPad - changing Apple ID

    Registering a new Apple ID on the iPad will remove all the previous user's apps when you synch it to you iTunes account Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Waiting for my car to be washed. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    Apple sets up site to refund parents whose kids purchased iOS junk

    Yet another reason not to share your apple ID password. Sent from my iPad using IPF
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    The failure of Open

    Good read. It goes to illustrate there is no real free lunch. You get what you pay for.