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    Want to JB, but still running iOS 4.2.1. Got some SHSH errors.

    I had only upgraded to 4.2.1 some time ago, and never upgraded to the latest and greatest (4.3.2). Now I want to JB, but I gathered that in order to keep 4.2.1 I needed to have the SHSH blob for that iOS. So I tried to save SHSH in Tuny Umbrella. It managed to save a SHSH file named iPad 4.3.2...
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    Can't sync mp4 files to iPad

    I downloaded some videos that were already in mp4 format. However, when I try to sync it to my iPad in iTunes, it tells me that the files were not synced because they cannot be played on the iPad. What should I do?:mad: The files play fine in WMP, iTunes and QuickTime. I tried using the "Create...
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    Checked Hotmail on iPad - shows up as unread on my pc

    Hi - when I check my Hotmail on my iPad - even though I see them as read - if I log on on my PC - they show up as unread. the same thing happens the other way around too. If I check messages on my PC - when I go to Hotmail on the Pad - they show up as unread. Is there any way to fix this?
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    Setting up MS Exchange email

    Well I managed to get my office email account set up on the pad. Now -the way I think it works is like this (and this may not be the case for other people). My office Outlook is set up to go to some server (which I think resides in the UK). However, we can access Outlook Web Access via IE using...
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    What's the price if you buy it in Shenzhen?

    Well I only realized today that the thing comes from China. Hypothetically, if I were in Shenzhen, China - how much would it cost there? Or I should say - How much less would it cost there? I've got a friend working a rotation in Shenzhen - who I could've shipped it to. Doesn't make any...
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    Hello from Trinidad, Caribbean

    Hello all. I don't actually own an iPad just yet, but I intend to purchase one in the next two weeks. I saw my manager's unit and played with it for a few seconds - and according to him - "I love it! Couldn't find anything better to waste your money on!" Not that I have money to "waste" - but I...