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    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    I rarely see one in public either. Surprisingly this weekend I was at a hotel where there was a sports team of kids with parents. In the lobby at breakfast it was rare to see that kids were sitting around playing games on 6 or 7 iPads Looked strange indeed.
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    Outlook calendar

    I have been able to sync my outlook contacts with the iPad but for the life of me I cannot get the calendar to sync. I am not on a network enterprise server of any type. I am running outlook 2002. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Icon Creation

    In our business we have just proposed that we create iPad shortcuts for many exhibitors within a pavilion at a tradeshow. Now I need to figure out how to create the icons. Basically I want to take a companies logo and make it the icon you tap just like any other basic app icon (safari...
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    Holding the value if selling

    OK OK to all those that warned me that I would regret buying the 16gb and not the 32gb you were right. To all my friends and associates I bow to your supreme knowledge and ifinite wisdom. Having said that, if I wanted to sell my 16gb how well does the value hold? Will I get close to my...
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    Canadian vs US itunes store - help

    Mod ... please delete my, (this), post .... it is redundant with a previous post.
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    Can Australians buy from the US App Store?

    wow ..I posted a question very similar about 5 minutes ago ...I will delete my post as soon as I get my PM. :) PM :comingsoon: I hope
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    Canadian vs US itunes store - help

    I live in Canada and am a huge NFL fan. There are many videos in the US itunes store which I can see are available for purchase. When I try to buy them it says "You account is only valid for purcahses in the Canadian itunes store". Is it possible to have access to the US store? If I buy...
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    Deleting Apps

    Thanks. I know better now when setting up with multiple users but I am wondering about my next sync. How do I "not" get all those apps to come back on the ipad but get the ones on my ipad into itunes?
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    Deleting Apps

    Before I sync again I wanted to make sure I do it right. I sync'd my ipad to my itunes which my kids had also been using on their ipod touches. When I did the first sync I wound up with 200 apps on my ipad which were of no interest to me at all. I have now deleted everything useless from the...
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    Delete full mailbox

    I wondered about doing that as well but it seems that there is no way. I have searched all of the forums and the topic has been very popular. Seems the answer always comes up as a no.
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    can I keep the iPod on in BOX?

    Indeed , nice gift. I would buy my wife one for Xmas as well except for the fact that ever since I got mine I am apparently "obsessed with the damn thing and (you) would sleep with it if there was an app to ___ you". I might let the dust settle before considering it an appreciated gift...
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    Ton of EA games for iPad going on sale

    Kinda irritates me ...I paid $12 for Madden last week. I guess iTunes does not have Price Protection LOL
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    Why am I so angry?

    Not sure if it is a word but it sure took me a few tries to sound it out and realise that you were trying to say "lacadasicly". :) I am gonna give you credit for the word. 12 points and a triple word score for Dannyboy
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    WiFi connection

    I read today in a magazine that this is a somewhat common issue. The article said to do a reset and all should be well.
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    Ap Creation

    Hello all, I am posting my first business related question here. I have a company in Montreal Canada that designs and builds tradeshow exhibits. With the reasonably recent introduction of the ipad technology into the market, I like many others, see huge potential in it's use and application...
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    videotron user email help needed

    Looking for a Videotron email user and hoping for s solution. I am running my work email on my ipad. I csn get emails in no problem as I obvioulsy have it setup to grab off my Bell hosted server. At home i am running wireless through Videotron. My laptop send out email no problem, i...
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    Conflicting IP Address

    I am starting to use Photo-Sort to import photos into various folders. The program requires that the iPad be plugged into my PC. The program basically creates an FTP link between the iPad and the PC so you can drag and drop images into folders. The Problem: When you are ready to import...
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    Why Jailbreak???

    As a total Noob to the ipad, I am hearing and seeing the term Jailbreak all over. In very simple laymans terms can someone explain WHY I would want to jailbreak. What does it do? What are the benefits? Lets assume I jailbreak my iPad today ... I sit back and say "Ok, now this baby is...
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    Specifics to fully take advantage of 4.2

    Manual? What manual? You guys got a manual? I knew I got scammed. I find it ironic that when I buy a laptop, PC or a new toaster it comes with 8 various manuals and guides, all of which I immediately discard and find useless. I buy an iPad and get no manual and immediately curse them for...
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    Hello from Montreal

    Mirabel Quebec iPad user here.
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    WiFi Problems

    I am having Wifi problems with the iPad. I am getting logged off and losing conection of a pretty consistant basis. It happens about once every 20 minutes. I am wondering if it has anything to do with too many pieces of hardware using the Wireless connection at one time. At any given...
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    Where did rotate lock go?

    Excellent ... Thanks. Found other cool stuff there. :)
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    Where did rotate lock go?

    The screen rotate lock is now a mute switch. How do I lock my screen now? I work a lot on my lap and I am getting seasick. Thanks
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    What needs

    Unless I am totally missing the boat, (which has been known to happen), what I would really like to see in the next OS update is a mass email select-delete option. I get about 100 legit business emails a day plus another 100 spam. I deal with these mostly during the day. When I get home I have...
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    Opinions on 4.2.1

    I have had The new OS up for about 2 hours now and no issues. As far as the Apple TV is concerned I have no intention of going that way. Between HD, 3D, plasma, LCD and all of the other option I think I may just start to impress al my friend and go back to tube black and white. Now THAT...
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    PC Photos

    I am new here and have not searched yet. I might find my answer over the weekend elsewhere in the forum but here goes anyway. At the very least I start a fresh new debate :) I have a PC with a bazillion photos on it. I want all these photos on my iPad. What is the best transfer program...