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    Should this discussion group name change?

    Sould this discussion group name be chnaged to a more generic description, especially since the iPad 4 & Mini have become sub group discussions? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    No LTE for iPad on Vodacom in RSA

    Vodacom allow for LTE connectivity with iPhones in RSA, but not the iPad. They are quiet around the whole iPad issue, even when asked directly. Does anybody know when they are likely to switch it on? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    iPad 3 with Voice capability ??

    While I have not seen it in any of the rumor mills, would it not be great if a voice platform with a Bluetooth headset is included in the iPad 3?
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    Introduction to the Forum

    Hi There, I purchased an Ipad2 16Gb WiFi only around five months ago.:D While the purchase was for my personal enjoyment, it quickly transformed into a business tool as well. I subscribed to the forum some weeks ago and during this time I have spent many hours trawling through the forum and...