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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    Well I got my case today. Very fast delivery since I ordered it Thursday night. It is a very nice fit and the pictures posted from the Amazon site are just fine. So I will not bother posting any more. The openings are done very nice and fit well over them.. nice and centered. There is even a...
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    I ordered it from Amazon via AYL and I should get it this week hopefully.
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    Going to leather my back.

    I wrote the president. He said May 1st will be the day for the iPad 2 release
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    Best one-handed case?

    yeah that HeloStrap is sweet.. it give you the best of both worls. I can have my leather folio case and a one hand rotating strap as well. :)
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    Best one-handed case?

    RE: The Hand Stand.. just got an email from the owner. The iPad 2 versions are available May 1st iPad Stand | The HandStand iPad Holder
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    Thank you very much for the tips guys. I appreciate it. I think I like the Yoobao case the best out of the 4. It is real leather and it seems to have good quality as well.
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    Profile picture

    On you riPad or on this forum? Did you mean wallpaper on the iPad? I just got my iPad 2, but I am not sure they have a profile pic. There is the desktop wallpaper and the lock wallpaper. It is accessed in the Settings>Brightness & wallpaper settings
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    yeah I am surprised too. I see a few of the cases with elastic straps to use as closures, and assume they are from the iPad 1 design. Hopefully they understand the simplisity and elegance of a magnet in the case cover. Some actually do list the magnet, but not many
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    I just heard back from the CaseCrown support team. Their cases are Faux leather... Here is another nice one iPad standby horizontal cases | iPad cases and accessories - I asked for and they gave me a discount code to use too... DISCOUNT CODE = enjoy15off
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    My final 4 Genuine leather cases

    I am wanting to get a brown genuine leather portfolio style case for my iPad 2. And after looking around for days I think I have narrowed it down to my final 4. I have read most of your comments on many cases, but would still appreciate any more comments on these. Especially if any discount...
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    3 in 1 camera connection kit

    I have the Apple one.. I have not tried it yet. I guess I better try it.
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    IPad 2 cases/covers

    I am looking for a portfolio style leather case with nice leather and magnets to close the cover I am debating between these Elan Folio Slim Griffin Technology: Elan Folio Slim - Super-slim folio/stand for iPad 2# Snugg has magnets in the cover Snugg iPad Case - Apple iPad Black Leather...
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    Smart Cover with Back

    Those look kind of cool
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    ipad 2 case

    in a few weeks it will be even better. we will be able to see them first hand.
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    New iPad car mount!

    Those look dangerous.. phones are bad enough