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    Looking for the Ultimate Case / Stand

    I just received my iPad case from Modulr. It has the built to withstand some knocks and is a case for carrying, protects, and a base to attach various stands. The iPad aluminum body is very soft and will get dented easily if knocked. http://
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    Is the iPad Better When Abroad than A Laptop?

    I am going to Tokyo next month and the iPad is going for the holiday too. Train maps are downloaded into my iPad and will be using the walking street map with the GPS. I will see if this traveling partner is going to be helpful.
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    No attachment

    I have been trying for countless time to get the excel file attachment in my email that I sent from my work PC. Everytime, all I got was the email with no attachment. I can get email with PDF attachment but not this excel. Is there something that I am missing out?
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    LG Says New Tablet Will be Better Than the iPad

    I think a lot of people are missing the point of using the ipad or understanding how great the ipad is as a tablet. It is not a case of how much wonder can the ipad do, so what if a windows can do more? The good thing about the ipad is the integration of everything in the Apple family...
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    Which case to buy?

    I am waiting for my iPad to be delivered from Apple Store. Meanwhile, I had ordered a relatively new case in the market from Modulr. It's design looks promising and I am waiting for it to come from USA too. I live in Singapore