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    Roll Your Own Home VPN?

    So I know this is a really late response to this thread, but I thought I'd post a reply to help anyone who comes across it. OpenVPN. It's a modern, open-source SSL-based VPN. There are a number of free ports of both the server and client piece available on a variety of platforms. At the...
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    Terminal emulator

    You might checkout TinyTerm [ TN3270 3270 ANSI VT WYSE. Mobile Terminal Emulation for iPad and iPhone from Century ]. TT has a long history (as a win desktop app) for supporting many obscure/legacy terminal types. A while back they launched in iPad version. I don't know if it supports as many...
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    Help with issh

    Are you specifically trying to use the SSH protocol or just remote access your Win7 laptop? The reason I ask is that Windows does not natively come with any SSH support at all. SSH tends to be a remote access method more specific to Unix/Linux systems. In order to access a Windows box via SSH...
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    Can I get back a "lost" app that's no longer in the App store?

    This isn't a direct reply to the OP's question, but it is *relevent* to the app they are talking about. Besides being removed by Apple, the Print to PDF app stopped working with iOS5. (Which is likely why it 'disappeared' from any iOS4 devices that were upgraded to iOS5. The upgrade process...
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    PIC or AVR micro processor connected to an iPodTouch or iPad

    I think it's a bit difficult to give a specific reply without more details of what you're trying to accomplish. (e.g., are you looking to do development for these processors *on* the iPad itself? Trying to achieve a simple terminal connection to a development PCB for testing? Or are you looking...
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    Create PDF from webpage?

    Print to PDF app Give 'Print to PDF' a look. [I'd elaborate but I just posted a similar suggestion to a similar question on another site's forum and don't want to risk sounding like a shill. I have no connection with the author of the app]
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    Open vpn for ipad2?

    ^ true. There have been several attempts at getting iOS devices to interoperate with OpenVPN but so far (as of iOS 4.x) no one has been able to do it w/o a jailbreak. Maybe with iOS 5...
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    Olympus Digital DSS Audio Player

    [I don't have an answer so I apologize if this just sounds like another 'me too' post] However, I'm also reasonably familiar with the format so as to offer a few comments. First off, I don't believe we'll ever see an iOS app that uses DSS files unless Olympus themselves comes out with one. As...
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    Fastest way to transfer large files to ipad

    GoodReader, combined with this utility. With don't tool, don't even bother using iTunes to sync stuff with GR anymore.
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    VPN issue on ipad

    You didn't mention what router you're using as your concentrator, but if happens to be one based on the DD-WRT firmware, this is what got my iPad talking to mine properly over PPTP. I'm sure you're aware of this, but I thought I'd...
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    ipsec vpn to linux server

    Hehe, thanks, thewitt. I hate to admit it, I *am* one of those paranoid I.T. guys (just for a small organization that doesn't doesn't deploy VPNs (nor iPads, sadly) who also happens to love Wireshark and be somewhat of a crypto geek. However, I do take your point re: PPTP's relative security...
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    ipsec vpn to linux server

    At present no one seems to have found a truly workable solution for this, but here are some pointers that may help. (btw, I'd be more than willing to admit I'm wrong about this, but I've been casually researching the same topic without success since the iPad 1 was released. If up you do manage...
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    Free secure wifi

    I'd suggest setting up a simple VPN endpoint at home. That way you open a secure tunnel between wherever you are and your router at home. So even if you're on unsecured Wifi, you are in effect, securely browsing the web using your Internet connection at home. For example, if you have reasonable...
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    Getting a NAS - what do I need to think about?

    Media streaming Although a few posts have touched on this, I thought I'd highlight media streaming from a NAS (if that is even a consideration for you). If you want to stream Apple DRM'ed media (protected content you bought via iTunes, basically) then you really can't stream directly from...
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    How do you get the smileycons? emoji/emoticons?

    Okay, first off: Credit for this tip comes from an 'iPad Today'/ TWiT podcast (which in turn came from one of their listeners). Once you have an Emoji app or keyboard installed, you call also use them in the names of folders on the springboard. (For some reason I couldn't use the Emoji...
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    video organising

    If you're willing to deal with performing all of the file organization yourself, another often-suggested solution is to use GoodReader (and similar reader apps) that also happens to play video and audio files just fine. Of course you won't get certain niceties such as chapters or metadata...
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    I just made my own smart cover :)

    I did something similar this evening -- glued a flat magnet into the flap of an inexpensive folio case I'm using for my iPad2. Now it wakes/sleeps the device just like Apple's Smartcover. The folio case was just one of those $10 deals from HHI and elsewhere. I used a flat neodymium magnet...
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    HTML Demo on iPad

    @philtrabalho: I tested a small html file* that contained both inline CSS and Javascript and both appeared to work just fine in GoodReader and HTML Runtime. (I suspect they are both using the same iOS UI framework for their web rendering anyway) BTW, one other (pricier) option I forgot to...
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    Do you password lock your Ipad

    Yes. (Another I.T. guy) I'm using the 4-digit PIN to provide at least a basic level of resistance if the device is stolen or lost. With friends or family I make no attempt to keep the PIN a secret (if I don't know or trust the person, I wouldn't let them use the tablet in begin with), it's...
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    HTML Demo on iPad

    Assuming the web content is all static, you could use something like GoodReader, which will display local HTML files just fine. Another option I use is an app called HTML Runtime. It's a bit tricky to set up (I don't think the author's native language is English), but it's designed to display...
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    Any App on iPad that allow me to play media on NAS without downloading it ?

    @Wutkung - I think it depends more on what type of streaming capabilities (if any) your NAS supports. For example, some products support streaming over SMB shares *if* the version of Samba embedded in the NAS supports it. Others may offer UPnP/DLNA streaming. In each case you need to find a...
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    Organizing videos

    GoodReader Just want to chime in on twerppoet's suggestion on using GoodReader to organize videos and other media. If you're using a Mac, there is a standalone OSX app (GoodReaderUSB) that allows you to quickly load your files directly into GR without using iTunes. I really like this method...
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    How digitally sign PDFs on iPad

    Just to clarify: When you mean 'digitally sign' are you referring to an 'electronic' signature that cryptographically verifies the signer's identity (and prevents document tampering)? ...or do you just mean the ability to stamp a graphic of your handwritten signature on a document? If the...
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    printing from directly from Ipad to network printer

    ePrint for LPR/LPD-style to HP Laserjet I use this app to print from my iPad to an ancient (but reliable) HP Laserjet 6MP that I have connected to my LAN using an external printserver. The printserver device essentially turns the HPLJ6 into a standalone networked printer. The trick was finding...