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    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...Waiting...Waiting... *yawn* Well more time to refine it I guess.
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    Best Buy or Apple Store?

    You can also go to RefurbMe - Discounts on Mac and iPod ! Notifications for Apple Refurb Store products This is an official Apple site that sells refurbs at excellent discounts.
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    Should I take my new iPad out of the box?

    It iS unthinkable. Ok tell you what then.....sent the iPad to me! FREE! Then you will not have to worry about it any longer! :p :D
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    I agree completely. :D Hookbill: Oh come on!! Buy us all a new iPad 2!!!! :D
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    How to go from tethered redsn0w to untethered greenpois0n?

    Hmm....I would favor the safest method myself. That being this: Backup, Restore fully to factory default, then jailbreak untethered. As for your other question....I think that when you PURCHASE something from Cydia it allows you to download them again freely....but I COULD be wrong on that.
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    SnakeClamp is a Supporting Vendor!

    Hmmm...not bad but do not like the deskclamp design....too much of a hassle IMHO. Maybe a large Clip design as well?
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    LOL!!!!! Yes. Yes I can. I hope that the 3MP is the correct information on it. ;)
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    You realize that it is a very crappy 1 Megapixel Camera THAT WE KNOW OF right?
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    A desktop Rambo would be proud of..

    Ok....what are you compensating for? LOL!!!!!
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    Should I take my new iPad out of the box?

    Well you COULD keep it in the box...however it would be easier to use it outside of the box. LOL!!! It does not matter what WE think. It is about what YOU want. Nothing else is important or matters. If you decide to keep the iPad make sure that you have a camera connection kit though. It...
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    IMHO it is nothing special. It is most definitely not worth upgrading to if you already have an iPad. For newcomers....sure. "A fool and their money are soon parted" - Comes to mind.
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    Apple Has Started iPad 2 Production According to Sources

    Hopefully no curved backing. That is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    iOS 4.3

    LMAO!!!!!! Typical kid response.....I miss those days. Ah to be young and naive again.....
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    Weatherbug disappeared.

    Weatherbug? People still use that spyware infested garbage?
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    Greenpois0n Untethered 4.2.1 Jailbreak Released

    And here is the link that you forgot to post. iClarified - iPad - How to Jailbreak Your iPad Using Greenpois0n (Mac) [4.2.1] :p
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    iOS 4.3

    Afraid that you got it backwards a bit there. We knew about 4.3 for a couple months now. It is not Apples fault that the UNTETHERED jailbreak just came out. Just bad timing and nothing more. There was a cruddy TETHERED jailbreak for quite a while now that you COULD have used......and the...
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    greenpois0n rc5 jb issues,answered here

    Hmm.....I will wait until all issues have been solved.....which is what SHOULD have happened BEFORE they released this.
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    First it was a massive flood in Brisbane then........Yasi a Catagorie 5 Cyclone hit.

    Good to know that you are okay. Houses, Processions....none of those are important as long as life is spared.
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    Can I hack or jailbreak to get the arrow keys? (+flash?)

    No it is not....just a few select members.
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    4.3 Beta 3!

    Meh...nothing TOO bad....could have been worse.
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    The Dell Streak 7, Or: 10 Ways to Not Make an Android Tablet

    I have a simpler rule. If it says Dell on it LITERALLY goes out the hard as I can throw it. Dell is junk.
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Rules are for chumps?
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    What does your desk look like

    Ok guys....make your own Ham Radio Topic if you wanna discuss this more....this is about DESKS! Will post a pic of mine later on today EST.
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Invalid Response....answering to Brenns question instead. Why wouldn't I be?
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    What does your desk look like

    so 1991-C4 is a HAM!!!! I KNEW IT!!! :D :p
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Are you afraid that it is?
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    What does your desk look like

    Desk? I have a desk?????
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    Can I hack or jailbreak to get the arrow keys? (+flash?)

    While I think that I cannot help you I apologize for the some of the rude attitudes here in this topic. Just ignore them. I want arrow keys as well...... AFAIK there is no hack yet that will add them. as for Flash the only alternative out there is too jailbreak and installed what is called...
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Is it a tear of joy?
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    Ipad and viruses

    Which IS a port of Linux....a very EARLY port of it. :p
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    Notion Ink Adam

    Excellent choice. Reserve Judgement until you used it. :cool:
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Did you not read the quote?
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    Game: Answer question with a question

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    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    Blunt but True.......Your voice will mean nothing to Apple. The ONLY way they will listen is if MILLIONS of people boycott....and even then I doubt they will listen. I have SOME respect for Apple but I will say this.....They care nothing about the users opinions for the most part.
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    ¿uʍop ǝpısdn uoıʇsǝnb ʎɯ sı ʎɥʍ
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    iOS 5 features that I want. 1.) I want it to do my laundry. 2.) Dishes need washing...get to it iOS5 3.) Rugs need vacuuming as well..... 4.) Toilet needs washed. If it can do all that then awesomeness!!! /this is a joke post.
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    LOL!!! Or at least a Wifi iPad?