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    iPad 3.2.1 won't connect to WPA2 WLAN

    Does the network filter MAC addresses? As I have the same network as yours, running with WPA2 security, at first it failed then it went ok afterwards. In the Network >> Wifi >> Select your network (on the arrow) If no IP address listed, router or DNS. Try renewing the lease and see if that...
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    What have I downloaded that is draining the battery?

    If not using Wifi, Location, Bluetooth, turn them off. Mine only drops a few percent per hour with Wifi and Bluetooth on.
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    need to respring after power on

    Better restoring your iPad to factory settings, this removes all the existing data (music/apps/vids etc) and jailbreak from your iDevice. When you jailbreak your iDevice, make sure you do a little research before installing 3rd party apps. Not all apps on Cydia works with iPad.
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    Anyone else on twitter?

    bluazn :)
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    Who bought an iPhone 4 on 24 June?

    I didn' not much was in stock and awaiting for the white iPhone 4 to come out.
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    Wysiwyg editor not working with my iPad

    Don't worry you're not the only who has this problem. I also have issues with my websites.
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    Cannot find sent emails

    Did you try to refresh the sent folder?
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    Angry Birds HD Gets A Major iPad Update

    It is recommended to update AngryBirds HD, it will definitely fix all of your problems. Two nights ago I thought my iPad was a goner..after accessing to other apps no problems arise. So I thought it must be that app itself, but anyway I got the iTouch version and it works like a charm.
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    Hello to iPad Fans

    Hey there, how's everyone with their ipads? I'm enjoying mine everyday, i love it very much. I use it for gaming, music, videos, and surfing net. And a bit of jailbreaking, tweaking the iDevice. I'm currently studying @ Open University, and many distance colleges to gain more knowledge and...
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    Respring my iPad

    Not good. Backup and restore your iPad to factory settings. I assume that you have jailbroken your iDevice. Jailbreaking an iPad doesn't work at all times, there are some glitches. Better not to jailbreak at all.
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    ipad use in Singapore

    I can let you know later today as my wife has an iPad in SG.