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    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    I find Steve Jobs Puritan views of porn really stupid. I am finding plenty of HTML 5 porn sites out there. grow up will always be on the net.
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    Wifi is weird outside of home network

    My iPad is hooking to wifi at home just fine...rarely drops. I am happy. Yesterday I had new tires put on and the Firestone guy says...sure we have wifi and it's open...go for it. So I went to set it and it showed I was on their network but nothing would connect. Safari or email. I looked...
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    Okay...I've been using rhapsody for about five years and love it! Fifteen bucks a month for unlimited music. Yesterday they released a new version so you can download onto the iPad. Loaded it but don't see how to save songs onto pad. Anyone out there using rhapsody ?????
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    Do most apple stores still have decent stock of iPads?

    Apple store at willow bend mall in Plano, north of Dallas, seems to have plenty of WIFI ipads....I just wish they had some SD card readers.
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    New Photo Kit for iPad is qurky

    You're lucky to even have a card reader...our apple store here has never seen one...can't get em...and I cancelled the order online after waiting three weeks. Frankly Steve jobs should have put a simple USB port on this puppy. This is a lotta horseshit to go through just for pics.
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    What size iPad did you buy? And how much space are you using?

    I downloaded 44 apps...I have 29 gigs...27 gigs free...32gig iPad....tons of Free books downloaded so far...I think unless you plan on storing vids....why bother...the netflix streaming is awesome...seems the 32 will be enough. But who knows...this device may wind up replacing everything in the...
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    Split Keyboard For iPad [Concept]

    No typing with both hands, all fingers, traditional typing style
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    Split Keyboard For iPad [Concept]

    I am already beginning a new book on the iPad. Using the keyboard as is. I have found that twonhours on the tap-typing app has gotten me up to 30WPM. Cut yourselves some slack on this new device. I think over time this is gonna be just fine.
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    Arg - FarmVille heading to iPad

    Jayzuz...this and fart about google docs first? Or a good photo editor. Americans can be so childish with this stuff.
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    iPad Pages Question

    Well duh.. .that was too easy...and I used to teach this stuff to kids... Oy
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    Could a Sexting Scandal Come to the iPad?

    In 1585 Gutenberg invented moveable type. He set the Bible in German and book publishing began. TWO WEEKS later the Baron Von Furstenberg brought him a small tome of dirty poems to type set. Edison invents the magic lantern movie show and within a month there are porn flicks available in...
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    iPad Pages Question

    I've been trying to rename a doc for two days. Apparently you cannot without syncing to iTunes on another putter....i don't like that
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    Don't hang by your thumbs...colleges apparently hate this thing.
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    Creating photo I stupid?

    Oh man you gotta be shitting me...all that????? Maybe this new toy ain't what I need after all.....that is way too many steps just to make folders. ..will try to photo bucket everything
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    Creating photo I stupid?

    I must be missing something here... How do you create different photo albums in the photo feature?
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    ipad camera conection accessory

    I am too eager for mine...fotog here...they couldn't add a 29 cent SD port??????????
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    Tap typing! CAN learn to touch type on your iPad! Tap type is worth the six bucks
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    Cloud working?

    I am pretty pissed I cannot use Google docs on this. Other than reading them. Anyone found any solutions to saving on the cloud?
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    Boston Herald Bashes iPad

    Yes it's a free app and the mike on the top side works fine. Like all Dragon, it will learn my voice over time and get better. And no one liked Blackberries when they came out. I am getting better and better with the keyboard. I love this thang!!!!!
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    Boston Herald Bashes iPad

    Okay so typing is a perfect on the iPad right now I'm using the Dragon dictation dragon speak in a minute cut-and-paste and put it in before I think it's going to take some time to get used to using the iPad for doing work things getting worked up. It's not perfect as my laptop but if its...
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    Boston Herald Bashes iPad

    Well the Boston herald is for Neanderthals anyway... Yes the iPad will take some time...typing to be sure. Editing...photoshopping...some things it just will need workarounds. But overall I think this thing is the future. Dragon speak is quite good!
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    iPad keeps forgetting home network password

    I agree that this is real annoying and amateurish...mine asks for password every half hour. Come on is like the nineties.
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    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    I have begun to feel more and more at ease using the pad like a laptop. The typing is still slow but over time will get better. I just wish I had google docs on here.
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    Flash Browser appeared for iPad and was killed in last 24 hours

    I noticed today that some of my fave porn sites are now iPad ready with HTML5. You can message me for linksnif you want.
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    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    I am still convinced that over time we will love this thing. And there will be apps galore soon people let us skip the fart machines this time and focus on useful stuff? ways to watch Xtube? I mean priorities....ala Avenue Q
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    Battery Test

    I too am having nice long batt days doing everything from writing to porn watching....I am guessing 14hrs maybe.
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    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Yes I too am fairly pissed about google docs not working. I hope they build a chrome browser soon for iPad
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    WARNING!!!! Israel can be harmful to iPad Owners

    Shit...I am going to Amsterdam at the end of may...and my iPad wifi won't work there? that possible?...I thought wifi was wifi. My daughter has a router inhere house and I assumed i could just log on with her passcode.
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    22 Useful iPad Tips

    Wow thanks for all these good tips!
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    Hello from dallas

    Thanks! Any new device needs a bit of time...I find if I force myself to type here, I get better and better. Four finger touch seems to be the key...two index with two middle fingers. Kinda bummed about the lack of flash...although HTML5 seems to be catching on
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    Hello from dallas

    Ok had the iPad one week and so far lots of fun. Getting used to typing on it and it's going faster...seems to like hunt and peckinga much better then touch. Wish they had a better typing tutor for iPad per se. Could you write a book this way? Dragon speak is pretty good