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  1. K

    Canon printer

    Hi,does anyone know of an app which will work with my canon wifi printer Pixma mp499
  2. K

    E-mail address

    Hi,when i am filling in a form with my details ,and press send it does not reconise my e-mail address any ideas please.
  3. K

    Wi-Fi not working in hotel

    Hi, can anyone help. I can get wi-fi at home okay, but when i take my ipad to hotels i sometimes have a problem connecting to the wi-fi. It reconises the hotel wi-fi but will not connect
  4. K


    Hi,I can access my wi fi at home, but when I go to a hotel although the I pad reconises the wi- fi, it will not connect. Any ideas please as I need my wi fi away from home.
  5. K

    Bluetooth on the Ipad

    My ipad will not reconise the bluetooth on my apple iphone 3gs and vice versa, any ideas why.