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    Help with Bookmarks - Windows

    Now that IE is going away and thankfully not yet, how will I update my bookmarks in the iPad Pro's Safari browser via Windows 10 iTunes?
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    Keyboard not showing

    IOS 15.4.1 Last few weeks when I open Safari and other apps, the keyboard does not always show. Initially I did not notice a little icon popping up in the lower right of the screen. When this happens I have to select “show keyboard. This is getting annoying. How do I force my iPad to always...
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    Stay with 2017 iPad Pro or buy new 2020 Air?

    Maybe should wait till the new air is tested and the reviewers can post benchmark results, but im thinking about the new air. Besides the home button and audio jack the one thing I would miss is the camera flash. My 10.5 “ pro has the Pro-Motion, but the other day looked to see if it was...
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    Three of every podcast

    The other day I updated itunes & podcasts. But now my iPad Air has 3 of every podcast. However there is one of each in the Library. Oddly though my iPod Nano (8 gen?) lists correctly one each. help?
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    Issue with Auto import when syncing

    Windows 7 Home Prem IPad Air 7.0.6 I messe this up but dont know how to undo it. When I insert the cable to begin a sync with iTunes, a box comes up asking if I want to import photos -I dont and its one more box I have to close. Any way to undo this?
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    Safari crashes

    Any one else having issues with Safari? I'll Open in a New Tab but then screen flashes and I am taken to the Pads Home Screen.
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    Control Center more of a bother

    Is there any way to turn this "feature" off? When scrolling up (going down the screen) say in Safari I tend to pull the Control Center when I don't need it.
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    Help with iPad Air with prior ipad3 settings

    First off using Windows 7 and the ipad 3 is a Verizon version. I am looking to buy the new Air and wonder how to prepare my iTunes on the PC - other than do a last update with the Ipad 3. For example, after the last update change the name of the iPad 3 with say " - old " at the end. Then...
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    Folders and IOS 7.0.3

    I have an iPad 4 with the last IOS6 version. The one biggie I had when IOS 7 came out was folders and wonder now with 7.0.3 if there has been a fix. With IOS 6 i could have 20 apps and bookmarks (from Safari and sent to the home screen) then dropped into a Folder (also on the home screen)...
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    Number of Apps in a custom folder a problem for me

    With IOS 6 I could have up to 20 apps (and shortcuts from Safari) in a custom folder. But with IOS7 its limited to 9 per page. How do I expand a folder to show more than 9 and all on one page? (PS: I installed IOS7 on my iTouch but not yet on my iPad 3 as I had a feeling the iPad just as...
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    moving bookmarks off iPad and to my PC

    On my iPad I have saved a number of websites to the iPad's Home Screen - via the "Add to Home" process. I would like to copy them to my PC, to later add to Bookmark folder in Firefox. Is this posible?
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    Whats on my iPad ?

    In iTunes, the colorful bar graph at the bottom shows in GB audio, video, Apps & other. Whats "other" and where can I go see if anything I can delete. Also - any way to show the used space without hovering over the bar?
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    Photos - is there a trick in naming photos?

    Windows User. When I sync a photo album in iTunes, they do not show up on the iPad in the same order as they are in my Windows PC - why and is there a trick? I have tried various name & variations but still no luck.
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    Perfect Browser 5.0 - anyone use this?

    First off, I did send an e-mail to the developer's e-mail support link a few days ago - no reply. SO, if any one uses this over the Safari let me know. One thing that seems the "Perfect Browser" does not do is - send a web page iPad's home screen. Or does it? Also, would be nice to have a...
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    3 things that bug me about the iPad

    Have the new Pad (noticed in iPad 2) - 1. I am not seeing a way to back space. This would be handy when typing and say auto correct inserts a word that is not quite right and find it difficult to go a few characters back to fix. The finger tap is not always 100% effective. 2. When in...
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    Browsers other than Safari

    The one feature I do like with Safari is that I can send web page to the iPad's Home screen. Though would like a browser with color. I tried Mercury, Apollo (hmmm a theme here?) and Chrome Sync (which is not a browser). Mercury messed up my Firefox Book marks (luckily I backed those up on my...
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    Gmail issues

    Not sure how or when, but the "trash" button at the bottom now replaced with "archive". Where I the archive folder? Also the trash bin icon up on top rt side is now an arrow pointing down at a box.
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    Question about reading/deleting mail

    I have 2 e-mail accounts, one is with G-Mail. On my iPad 2 I set it up to read my e-mail. When I go to my actual Gmail account, the mail is there even though I deleted it off the Pad. How and where do I go to change the settings, so that when I read an e-mail on the iPad and then deleted, it...
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    Brookstones smartcover issues

    I only have one issue with this cover, that is when the cover is flipped to behind the iPad 2, the magnet turns off the device. Not sure if there are actually 2 magnets (1 inside & 1 on the outside) or that it's just too powerful. Any onehave this cover & found a work around?
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    No Weather status showning in the notification bar

    Have updated my Win 7 PC to iTunes 10.5 and my iPad2 to IOS 5. On the Pad I have been using AccuWeather & Weather+. Neither showing in the Notification bar. Also, neither showing up in Settings/ Notifications - on the Pad. Yesterday went to the App store and installed TWC MAX + . Now when I...
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    iTunes opens on its own

    Have an iPad 2 with new IOS 5 and the updated iTunes 10.5 running on a Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit. This may be more for a iTunes forum, but the odd thing is, that iTunes is starting on its own and if I close it, it will open up again in 10 minutes (or so). Further, on the left side it shows that...
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    Bookmark sync problems

    Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit IPad 2 I can no longer sync my IE bookmarks into the Pad (Safari). When I go to iTunes/Apps/Sync - There are NO options in the drop down menu. Plz see attachment. Is there maybe a feature on the Pad itself I missed? Could it have something to do with the error (see...
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    Hacking any iPad2 case

    I have a leather case in mind and was curious if any one has taken a magnetic strip glued to the inside of a case, so that it will turn on/off the ipad - just like Apple's Smart Cover.
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    Smart Cover issue.

    Not sure if just me, but I am not 100% happy with Apple's Smart cover. There 3 lines/impressions across the screen left over from here the folds are in the cover. Any way to prevent this? Can I use a Wrapsol shield along with Smart Cover?
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    Contact manager

    New to the iPad. Now that I have my contacts synced (via Exchange settings), I would like my contact/address book to mirror my Gmail contacts. That is in G mail I created groups. I am looking for an App that will organize my contacts in the iPad into groups. Can any one suggest a good app? I...
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    Printing in Pages

    Is there an App that supports printing a document within 'Pages?' I purchase Print Central Pro - it does not allow printing with in Pages, but they have a work around. Such as emailing with the attachment. But there must be an easier way. Thx
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    Issues with connectivity adapter

    I have tried a 8 gb, 2gb, & a 1gb sd card - none of the photos are seen by my iPad 2 (v 4.3.5) So is my adapter defective or is it due to the Pad's OS ?
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    Keyboard - thumb typing

    Is there a keyboard that splits the keyboard in half - so say in landscape mode, holding iPad2 with two hands and use both thumbs to type.
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    Music & multitasking

    IPad 2 user - curious if I can really multi task by listening to music or podcasts while say entering this thread.
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    Adding contacts

    have Windows 7 home prem. I used Gmail/Gcalendar & Gcontacts (which is part of Gmail). Calendar syncs fine. I have set up Gmail on my iPad2, so I am getting the mail. How do I get my contacts to sync in iTunes? in iTunes: I have the box checked for syncing, set to Google Contacts. When I...
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    New iPad 2 user with many questions.

    using with Windows 7 IOS 4.3.5 & ITunes 10.4.80 1. I have Pages on the Pad. I chose "send to iTunes" - I dont see my doc in iTunes. 2. Can I add lines to a documents so it looks like lined paper? 3. How do I stop Pages from adding numbers when starting a list and I want to resume without...