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  1. metaMeerkat

    PassCode Forgotten - Help!

    Oh dear, I forgot the pass code and have entered it incorrectly twice already. Any plans before I lock the whole iPad! ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  2. metaMeerkat

    ScreenShot not Working

    Hope someone can help. I used to be able to take perfect screenshots by pressing two buttons simultaneously. Now, when I do it, the screen goes black and locks the iPad. I have top unlock it again with the slider. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks! ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  3. metaMeerkat

    Word documents do not open on iOS6 iPad2

    I hope someone would be able to help me understand why I am no longer able to open Word documents in Pages on my iPad. It simply says it is unable to import and I have no clue why... Anyone? Thank you in advance! ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  4. metaMeerkat

    BlacKBerry and iPad

    Am keen to know if there are ways to use my BB and my iPad together more productively. Do you know if I can recieve text messages for instance? Or is there an app for BBM? Yes yes I know these are rival brands but maybe there is a solution or two out there... Thanks in advance! ... de reir a...
  5. metaMeerkat

    Movies on iPad?

    Am I able to watch movies online on my iPad2? And which programme, or app - if any - do I need? Any recommended links? Would LOVE to do this... ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  6. metaMeerkat

    Best Twitter app for iPad besides native one?

    Hope you have ideas. I manage a few accounts, and need to schedule tweets. The native iPad app is brilliant, but NOT for scheduling tweets. Any recommendations? ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  7. metaMeerkat

    Adding a Friend...How?

    Feel a bit silly to ask this, but how do I add a friend in this Forum, via the iPad app? I have clicked everywhere... haha ... de reir a cheile a thogtar na caisleain ...
  8. metaMeerkat

    Moving Apps between Screens

    I am a new iPad user and have discovered how to move app icons ON a screen to another position, but what if I want to reorganise my apps and move an icon from the first to the second or even third screen? How do I do this? Would appreciate your help... > if it is always exactly what it seems...
  9. metaMeerkat

    Turning grammar check OFF in certain apps?

    I just got hold of a great application PENZU - to write diaries and journal entries - but am keen to use my native language. With the iPad set to English (needed in other programmes indeed) I am being endlessly frustrated with the prompts to translate words. And even worse, it auto-corrects all...
  10. metaMeerkat

    Best APPS for my iPad

    Please be so kind and direct me to your recommended apps for the iPad, and say if these are FREE or not. I am keen to install some useful applications that would bring the most out of the little white miracle. Thanks in advance. mM
  11. metaMeerkat

    Finally got it! metaMeerkat on iPad

    Hi there! I understand I am suppose to introduce myself, and then dive in and learn all I can. I am Dorette, living in Cape Town and will need your help to find my way and get the best apps working for me, after waiting a long time to be able to afford an iPad. I am a director of a...