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    Ipad reset question.

    I have an iPad 1 that I want to give to a friend. If I do a reset--erase all content and settings--will the iPad lose the IOS updates that I have done or will it stay at version 5.0.1? Thanks
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    App store problems

    Anyone else having problems getting the app store to work this morning? Been trying for a good while now and keep being asked for password and then credit card info over and over. Wonder if maybe they are down and getting ready for release of Lion OS. Everything worked fine last night. Thanks.
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    Signal boosters

    Living in the woods I know I will probably never have real 3G signal quality but what about the signal boosters such as Wi-Ex z-boost? Anyone have experience with these gadgets. I am getting a solid 3 bars on my iPad but 5 would be a lot better. Any opinions?
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    I have tried since yesterday when my iPads arrived to register with AT&T using the sign up screen provided. I always get the same message asking me to validate my address. I have contacted AT&T and Apple Tech and was finally told by the Apple Tech to take it to the nearest AT&T store and maybe...
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    iTunes intrusion

    A few days ago I downloaded the updates to iTunes and Safari and just this morning started having a strange problem with iTunes. It started popping up every few minutes on my iMac. I would close the program and within a few minutes (less than 5) iTunes would be there again. I tried Force...