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    Which folder do you copy videos to?

    Hello folks, The title is not complete,as it needs a little explanation. I need to stream videos on my TV through Roku. Although I have Roku XS, the USB port never worked. As a result of that I can not play mp4 files through Roku unit itself. Now that Roku has an app that will let me stream...
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    Keep screen awake for only certain apps

    This is iPad 1, so stuck at iOS 5.3.3 What options are there with jailbreaking?
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    Keep screen awake for only certain apps

    There is an app in Play Store called as Stay Alive, does exactly this job. Helps me a ton when I am doing reading. I wonder if there is any such app for iPad. This is iPad 1. Thanks in advance.
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    30 Pin extension cable, longer than 5ft.

    I wonder if anybody knows a place to buy 10ft 30pin exntension cable.Longer version of this product on amazon. All I find are about 4 ft max. I need 10 ft cable. I could use 3 of these but I would like to avoid that. Thanks in advance. (P.S. NOT USB to 30-pin cable)
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    Old versions of apps

    Oh, I know that. After burning significant cash on series of Macs, Mac softwares and iOS devices, I have parted my way from Apple, but I would still like to get maximum juice out of whatever devices I am left with. Thanks for the developer comment. I have not seen any app available for more...
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    Old versions of apps

    I have jailbroken iPad 2, so stuck on iOS 5.x Majority of the newer app versions require at least iOS 6.0 I wonder if anyone knows Apple making older versions available too or soon your iOS 5.x device is obsolete? Thanks in advance.
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    App crashing on jailbroken iPad 1

    I have jailbroken 1Pad 1. Lately, I have been noticing that whatever app I use crashes. I regularly use Feedly and it crashes so many times that I am fed up of using Feedly and looking for a desktop alternative application (not their program because of the limitations). I tried Newswire but the...
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    Apple Store disappeared from jailbroken iPad 1

    Update - Got the store back (Don't know how). But the apps won't download and install.. (managed to download on my PC).
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    Apple Store disappeared from jailbroken iPad 1

    I do not have installing or deleting app restriction on I checked 'other places' but do not find the store I do not have the kind of apps you mentioned to hide anything. I restarted iPad, story is still the same. I do not want to reset it. I am afraid that I will mess it up. I got few apps...
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    Apple Store disappeared from jailbroken iPad 1

    I jailbroke my iPad 1 OS 5.1.1 a while ago and then configured as per my requirement. I had Apple Store until today when I shut down the iPad because it became unresponsive and then started. Before shutting down, when I tried to launch Apple Store, it had no Apps section and redirected me to...
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    Using iPad outdoors

    Already done that. My default brightness is at lowest possible level.
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    Using iPad outdoors

    Hello folks, I used to use iPad indoors only but now that summer is here, sometimes I prefer to sit outside (in the shade) to read. I notice that the reflections on the screen drives me nuts. I wonder how you fix it. I have matte screen protector on my phone and it works pretty well. I have...
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    Mounting ISO file on iPad (1st Gen)

    I installed VLC but the SSH thing looks a little complicated. In other way, How can I copy extracted ISO as it is i.e. maintaining the folder structure on the iPad. With iFunbox, seems like it is designed to copy only files and not the folders or am I missing something with iFunbox. Any other...
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    Mounting ISO file on iPad (1st Gen)

    Hello folks, I have a DVD loaded with instructional videos/audios and supporting pictures and pdfs. I would like to go through DVD en route work. Since I need to check suporting pictures and pdfs while watching the videos or listening to the audio, it is not as simple as ripping the video...
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    How easily could a Good Samaritan return your iPad?

    Interesting. I like the idea and have experienced first hand. I was in Ikea in Stockholm, Sweden (World's largest Ikea). I sat on the couch and a phone rang, brand new Sony Ericsson phone costing about $200 at that time. I answered the call. The guy couldn't speak English or was hysterical. I...
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    How to get iPad1 to be charged while connected to a PC?

    This darn thing does work. Now, I can charge my iPad on my laptop. I am never in hurry to charge it faster so this will work for me. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Good Reader question - Sync with Dropbox

    If I swipe the Temp folder (the one I am trying to delete) to the left, I get same error. What do you mean by save correctly? I don't find any option to 'save' the file, except after I make annotation. And as I said, the annotations are visible on laptop but not in iPad Dropbox.
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    Good Reader question - Sync with Dropbox

    Those who remember my previous questions, I am trying to set up a sync between Dropbox and any pdf annotating app that will enable me to annotate pdfs on iPad and later to sync with Dropbox. Good Reader can do it (first download pdfs in the app, annotate them and upload back to Dropbox). Now...
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    Remove home screen lock

    As always, thank you. It worked.
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    PDF annotations apps

    Thats OK. A long as the app does it by itself, I don't care. All I want is, updated file to be there.
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    Remove home screen lock

    Hello folks, I am curious if you can get rid of home screen lock completely. I know for the next generation iPads, this 'smart cover' thing can do it (don't know exactly how). Any idea for iPad 1 (jailbroken) Thanks in advance.
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    3G for iPad in India

    Thats a super rip-off. Do you really get a speed enough to watch youtube videos (on Ipad) with such fledgling internet service?
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    If its sold online to those trash collection/electronics recycle companies, they give $250.
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    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    I have original iPad but getting fed up with it. It can't even open pdfs of size 4mb quickly. My android phone does it a lot quicker.
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    ipad 1 crashing and screen flicker

    Did you spill water on it? If you did, leave it in warm place for a couple of days with some silica gel around and it will be fine. Otherwise hit the apple store.
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    App for storing patient medical chart

    I am not asking this question for doctor's office or something but more for myself. I have 2 chronic conditions where my healthiness with regards to these conditions fluctuates much quicker than the wind. I prefer to keep notes in Google Docs at the moment but it becomes rather difficult to...
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    PDF annotations apps

    I am in need of a PDF annotation app. Majority of the times, I will be just using highlight function. I am looking at GoodReader, iAnnotatePDF and PDF Pen. I have looked at Good Reader on colleague's iPad (but haven't played extensively). I have used iAnnotatePDF on my android tablet and happy...
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    Which browser?

    I just downloaded Mercury but it gives me error on every webpage that 'page could not be loaded' when its actually loading just fine. The message won't go away unless to click to close. This is iPad 1st Gen wi-fi with iOS 5.1.1 (jailbroken) if that makes any difference. I plan to give a try to...
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    ipad3 suddenly not charging ?!

    Follow the instructions given above. Leave the iPad in open warm place (NOT HOT place) for a couple of days with some silica gel packs around/on the home button. Then perform regular charging. If this fails, take it to Apple store for investigation. I read on the web somewhere that Apple gives...
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    Battrey life of iPad 1

    Airplane mode? Don't have any other tip but if I know correctly, if your battery dies then you can get new iPad from Apple by paying $105. Came across this thing somewhere on the web.
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    Is this going to damage the battery lifespan?

    +1 to Scifan57, my iPad 1st gen routine runs out of juice (because my toddler won't give it back until its dead). I plug it in right away and so far so good. Haven't noticed much change in battery life either.
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    How to get iPad1 to be charged while connected to a PC?

    I have iPad 1st Gen and since I remember, I could never charge it on my laptop. Now that we are discussing charging here, isn't it the case that slower you charge, better it is for the battery? A while ago, I did a lot of reading regarding AA and AAA batteries and I replaced all regular...
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    Cleaning screen protectors

    Guys, you are just wasting your money. iPads do not need screen protectors. The screens are scratch resistant, since its inception. If you want to get rid of the glare, thats another story. If there are any prints and smudges, get eyeglass cleaning solution from Sears Opticals (and of course, a...
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    Print to pdf, app or bookmarklet

    @tlbaker, It ALWAYS worked on mac, print as PDF option in print dialog. If you are on Windows, I prefer Bullzip PDF printer or Print Friendly bookmarlet. I have tried a tons and found these to be the best. @Mickey330, Any idea where the generated pdf is stored on iPad?
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    Jailbreaking(good or bad?)

    As scifan57 says, if you just want one app, then purchase it. Remember, the developer has spent time and money for developing the app. S/He deserves monetary benefit out of it. Apple will slice his cake by 30%, thats another story. I will not jailbreak my iPad just for one app (that I wish it...
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    cheap anti-glare matte screen protector

    Hello folks, I am fully aware of the fact that iPads do not need screen protectors. They are scratch resistant. The problem is, since its glass, I can not read it in sunlight or under a lamp because of the resulting glare. I need anti-glare screen just to get rid of this glare. There are tons...
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    iPad charger extension lead

    Is this what you are asking for? 30-pin Male to Female Dock Extender for iPod and iPhone - Black Extension Cable (4 feet): MP3 Players & Accessories 30-Pin Female to Male Charging & Data Extension Cable for iPhone / iPad / the New iPad - Free Shipping - DealExtreme I have similar...
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    Print to pdf, app or bookmarklet

    I am not too sure if its Chrome issue. I have attached a screenshot.
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    Backing up Dropbox contents

    Thank you guys for the ideas. My data is important but frankly, even if it gets stolen, nobody will earn a dime out of it. Hence, I don't care where it sits, as long as it is available as and when I need (in case of Dropbox failure or accidental deletion or something). I too have Dropbox set up...
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    Backing up Dropbox contents

    Hello folks, I use Dropbox a ton for my work purpose. My files are about a GB and majority of the files are just pdf, maximum file size about 10mb. Honestly, this is my bread and butter and can not afford to lose any of these files. Majority of the times, I work on tablet (android or iPad) I...