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  1. cecilrwilliams

    Bluetooth Bose Wave

    I am considering purchasing the Bluetooth connector for my Bose Wave to stream my IPad music. Anyone using this? If yes, any problems, other than price? Thank you.
  2. cecilrwilliams

    Pop-up Ad

    Recently, several post I have seen on Facebook and clicked to read additional information, I instead received notice to open app to read. When I clicked open, I was redirected to Apple App Center to download casino app. I should had noted the app. This happened several times during the week...
  3. cecilrwilliams

    Install Password Problem

    Last summer I had to replace my iPad 3rd gen. at the Apple store. I believe in the restore, I or tech changed my Apple ID or I changed the Apple ID at a later date. I updated IOS 7 and patch, without any problems. Problem: FaceTime, ITunes, App Srore, Find Friend & Ipad works, as well as...
  4. cecilrwilliams

    Thread Subject Line New Thread or Post

    Recently, IPF, after reading a Bold highlighted thread (indicating new or new post) will not dim after reading and closing the note. Most will do so it I reopen and close, some take three tries. Is it just my IPF?
  5. cecilrwilliams


    New Apple App for Lightroom 5. Requires update of Lightroom 5 on PC/MAC. Allows sync of Collections between iPad and desktop. iPad Version has photo edit, sync, email, etc.
  6. cecilrwilliams

    Photo shop

    Bridge CC is a great product and is now available as a Filter in Photoshop CC. I use both now, locked in the year contract. I do use the product for my grandsons. With the WACOM Tablet, you can do some amazing work. Lightroom was just a free download with Photoshop CC. I have not played...
  7. cecilrwilliams

    Apple Security Update

    Sorry if this has been reported and I missed it. Apple released a new Security Update for IOS. Go to Setting, General, and Software Update.
  8. cecilrwilliams

    Mail Problem

    30 December I started to have problems sending mail to trash. At first I thought it was just a file problem. I have three email accounts and the problems has occurred on each. I tried clearing the system, several times, by holding the top on/off control and holding the bottom button, until I...
  9. cecilrwilliams

    Pen Tablet

    I Use the Wacom 3 Pen Tablet for my PC, which works great. As PC/MAC tablet, WACOM are the best. My question: is there a Pen Tablet designed to work with the IOS iPad 3 to latest model? I love to draw and paint digitally; however. I would enjoy using my iPad vs. off to my computer room to use...
  10. cecilrwilliams

    Control Center

    IOS 7 upgrade provided Control Center. I like it; however, when reading and scrolling pages, up pops the Control Center. Try scrolling from the side and you accidentally activate the copy command. I wish we had the option to position the Control Center to the left side of the iPad or iPhone...
  11. cecilrwilliams


    It is great that you are able to turn on Bluetooth; however, it does not allow you to pair any Bluetooth devices. I really do not understand the advantage. I use it to turn off Bluetooth. I should have stated that I am speaking of the feature that allows you to swipe up for camera, screen...
  12. cecilrwilliams

    Safari ipad 3

    My Safari lost all my saved Tab sites and bookmark now has Web Sites for United States I place of the saved bookmark. Is there a way to fix this? Bookmarks do not work for any section. I did upgrade I Tunes to 11.1.1.