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  1. ljmwoody


    I have a problem on iPad3. When trying to connect to a cafe WiFi I get the message "Cannot connect to "whatever" with the option to dismiss. I checked with someone else with an iPad Mini and they connected straight away. Has anyone got any ideas to make my iPad connect. I have tried clearing the...
  2. ljmwoody

    Apple ID's

    Have two iPads and an iPhone 4 all on the same Apple ID. Is possible to delete the ID on the iPhone or one iPad without deleting the account on the other devices? Would appreciate any help.
  3. ljmwoody

    Apps onto two iPads

    I have bought an iPad Mini. When I try to download purchased Apps to the Mini The App shows up but without a download button. Would appreciate all help. LJMWOODY
  4. ljmwoody


    Could anyone please explain why my keyboard has split in half and is positioned on each side of the screen about half way up. Many thanks.
  5. ljmwoody

    Bookmark Bar

    Is there any way to move the position of items in the Bookmark Bar in Safari to have the important ones visible? Many thanks
  6. ljmwoody

    Street View.

    One of the most amazing features on the iPad was Street View in Maps. It was fantastic to be able to wander down an unfamiliar street to find places or to preview accommodation etc. I can't believe Apple have taken that away. I will be dusting off my laptop. I forgot to mention that I cannot get...
  7. ljmwoody

    Transfer photos from PC to iPas3

    Is there any way to transfer folders of photos from a PC to iPad 3 and display the folders on the iPad. I have not been able to do so from iTunes.