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    new iPad screen protector

    Screen protectors from the iPad 2 should fit properly correct? Will the camera dimensions be any different since they are using a new lens? Would like to go out to the store and buy some screen protectors now so I can slap one on right when I get my new ipad.
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    Chrome frame plug in - HELP!

    So, I signed up for the appigo todo online to do list syncing website, and was having issues with it loading correctly at work, so i emailed them for support. They asked if I used google chrome frame at work since I am stuck on Internet explorer. So google makes a version that can run without...
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    Task manager needs

    I'm looking for a task manager app that can cater to all of my needs. I have tried many, and havent found one that includes everything. I am using Appigo ToDo right now, and this has been the closest to the best thus far. First I will list my requirements, then my issues. The perfect apps...
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    SmartScreen app with apple smart cover?

    I love the smartscreen app on cydia. If any of you don't know what it is, it allows you to put widgets on your lock screen. I am using this on the iPad 2 and use s smart cover with it. I was wondering if there was a hack that would still let me use the smart cover to turn the device on, but...
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    Changing folder background

    Is there an easy app to change the background of folders? I want to get rid if that boring gray. I read a tutorial on how to get into the system files to change it but was just looking for an app to do this. I looked around cydia and didn't see any themes geared towards this.
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    looking for Music streaming app

    Hey people, I've been looking around a bit with no luck for an app that I can use (even outside of my home network) that will let me access my itunes library and stream it to my ipad while on another wifi network. Basically home sharing, but on other networks as well. I had an app (audio galaxy)...
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    Multiple image facebook upload

    I am in desperate search for app that will let me select an entire album on my iPad, and upload it to Facebook. I found a few apps that try to advertise this, but you have to open the album, pick one picture, then go into the album again, pick another picture, etc. which you can see is extremely...
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    iPad2: Lightroom & iPhoto compatibility

    Hey everyone. I have been transfering a bunch of my pictures into iphoto (I always have used adobe lightroom since I am a photographer) since I want to use faces, and places features. I have iphoto set to just access my photos where they are located, and lightroom set up for when I import files...
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    Remote desktop applications

    Hey people. Now that I've had my iPad 2 for enough time to start trying new things, I've been looking into remote desktop applications. I read some articles and decided to buy the app splashtop. It got great reviews because it can stream the audio from video and music directly to the iPad...
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    Complete ipad 2 set up

    So, Ive had plenty of time to think about the best set up for my ipad 2 I'm getting friday. First, I knew I wanted to get the smart cover, so that is top of the list. Next I knew I wanted an anti glare screen protector. I wanted a power support, but I just called earlier today, and they wont...