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    remove or modify nasty docking bar in ios7/ ipad air/mini retina

    Anyone got any suggestions for removing the thick and unsightly (mines a mid grey stripe) docking bar in ios7. I have an Air and a retina mini that need this issue rectifying if anyone has got any suggestions. Thanks
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    Convert mkv files to ipad format

    I have a couple of movies I would like to convert from MKV format to ipad friendly MP4v. The mkv movie is in HD and is 6.5gb in size. Using handbrake significantly decreases the file size and quality. Any ideas how to maintain the quality after conversion?
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    Transfer emails from ipad 1 to ipad 3

    I have just bought an ipad 3 and cant work out how to transfer emails stored om my ipad 1 to my new ipad. Everything else has transferred fine from my itunes backup, its just the emails...
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    iOS 5 Multitasking Gestures - iPad 1?

    So how can I install the beta version which has been released, closely followed by ios 5.02
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    Hand gestures

    Hope someone clever can work out how to re enable it for us original supporters of Apple Ipads. Thanks for YOUR support Apple, I'll wear it always...
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    No gestures, no AirPrint. I want it's 4.3 back.

    Wll not work with Win 7. Not really Apples fault, but still, the only 2 tweaks I have applied using ipad 1 are now defunct, although I guess there will be a way to enable gestures again eventually. In my particular case however, I feel I would have been better off not downgrading to ios 5.
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    No gestures, no AirPrint. I want it's 4.3 back.

    How do I upgrade from the overhyped ios5 back to 4.3? As an iPad 1 user I feel 5 is a retrograde step after having gestures and AirPrint. Nothing really exciting on 5 despite what the fanboys think. I am sure lots of ipad1 users will feel the same.
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    Ios 5 loses multi touch gestures on my ipad 1

    Nope you didn't miss it, Apple removed it on ipad 1. Bizarre mentality.
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    Lost all my emails after ios 5 install.

    Win 7 pc, ipad 1.Its the emails I had on the ipad that I lost. Top marks Apple.
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    Lost all my emails after ios 5 install.

    How can I get back my emails that have disappeared after the ios install?
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    Ios 5 loses multi touch gestures on my ipad 1

    Well title says it all really. And airprint not working either. Well done Apple, you are nearly as bad as Microsoft. Any ideas on restoring multitouch anyone? I realise Airprint is a third party thing, but multi touch is an Aplle embedded feature I thought..
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    Hand gestures

    It does not appear as an option in settings...
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    Hand gestures

    Well my iPad 1 has lost its hand swipe gestures since installing ios5. Why?
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    Downloading iOS 5 Right now!!!!!!

    Wow! Its awesome. So fast and the cool bits are super cool. Apparently, still downloading mine, haha.
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    Windows to iPad email won't display attachments.

    Nope. Sorry, but that does not seem to work. I get a notification saying' mail cannot open attachment'.
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    Windows to iPad email won't display attachments.

    If I have emails from windows users that have jpg. attachments they will not display on my iPad. Why's that and how do i sort it?
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    Set iPad google to uk

    Is there any way to set Google search to default to the uk version. The google search installed as part of Safari throws up different results to the Google on my Win7 pc.
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    Syncing Ipad on 2 different computers

    Brilliant. Easy when you know how... Thanks Andy
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    Can I restore my itunes from ipad

    I have a new pc after my old one died. Can i populate my new itunes install from my ipad? When i try and sync the pc itunes says that this is a different pc and it wants to erase my ipad files. Any ideas?
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    Syncing Ipad on 2 different computers

    I don't have the earlier pc's about any more to de authorise.
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    Syncing Ipad on 2 different computers

    Hi, had a quick nosey and couldn't find a solution.. I sync and transfer files via my main pc generally. I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks and will be taking my laptop and ipad 1. I want to sync my ipad and upload piccys/podcasts from my laptop to the ipad but it says my lappy is not authorised...
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    iOS 4.3 Out Now!

    So if i update my wifi only JB Ipad, will i end up back in Jail?
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    iPad will not sync.

    It looks fine - its only a month or so old! And it worked straight away with my ipod. Its clearly a software issueas itunes took ages to appear on screen when I connected the ipad.
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    iPad will not sync.

    I connected my iPad and it wil not sync. It connects - eg it pings and it says 'not charging' in the top right corner. iTunes starts up, but that's as far as it gets. I have uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled, but no change. iTunes does not see the iPad at all. Any ideas folks? Weird. Seems...
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    Use my smartphone as a modem

    I have a htc hero smartphone. Is there any way I can use it as a modem or access point for my wifi iPad? I have tried the bluetooth conection, but although it says the devices are paired, it also says they are not connected.