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    Wifi is weird outside of home network

    My iPad is hooking to wifi at home just fine...rarely drops. I am happy. Yesterday I had new tires put on and the Firestone guy says...sure we have wifi and it's open...go for it. So I went to set it and it showed I was on their network but nothing would connect. Safari or email. I looked...
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    Okay...I've been using rhapsody for about five years and love it! Fifteen bucks a month for unlimited music. Yesterday they released a new version so you can download onto the iPad. Loaded it but don't see how to save songs onto pad. Anyone out there using rhapsody ?????
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    Creating photo I stupid?

    I must be missing something here... How do you create different photo albums in the photo feature?
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    Tap typing! CAN learn to touch type on your iPad! Tap type is worth the six bucks
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    Cloud working?

    I am pretty pissed I cannot use Google docs on this. Other than reading them. Anyone found any solutions to saving on the cloud?
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    Hello from dallas

    Ok had the iPad one week and so far lots of fun. Getting used to typing on it and it's going faster...seems to like hunt and peckinga much better then touch. Wish they had a better typing tutor for iPad per se. Could you write a book this way? Dragon speak is pretty good