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  1. mwhoody

    Books in itunes

    Hi My wife has a128 gb(?) ipad air 2. She has over a 1000 epub books loaded in. She asked me to install one more book for a series that she is reading. I opened itunes and selected "Books" and ready to install one more book, but I don't see any of the books that I installed before. I don't see...
  2. mwhoody

    Loading books from itunes to ipad air2

    I have itunes and an ipad Air2 I am trying to load epub books onto the ipad air2. Before there seemed to have been a "Book" category under Library. But now I don't see it. Is there a way to get it back? I used to load books through there. How do I go about loading books onto the ipad...
  3. mwhoody

    Loading books

    I am having trouble loading books into my wife's ipad 2 I have the latest itunes loaded on my computer I "Add Files To Library" and the book "count" goes up accordingly I then sync. Itunes goes through the process of syncing and as it's syncing i could see the books showing up on the ipad...
  4. mwhoody

    Facebook "Messenger"

    This just started yesterday. My Facebook Messenger keeps saying "Waiting to Reconnect" And then lower down the page it says: "Recent Once you start chatting, all you messages will be here" And the in a small square it says "New Message" And once you press "New Message" it takes you to a new...
  5. mwhoody

    Icon font size

    My wife has an ipad2 with all the latest updates. I guess as with anyone, the eyesight starts to go a bit. So she is asking if there is anyway to increase the font in the icons. She is still ok with the email and notes - just the icon font size. Thank you
  6. mwhoody

    Buying books on itunes

    I'm new to buying books on itunes. My question is: If I buy a book on itunes site (Store), is that book only for the person that ordered it. Can it be shared with the rest of the families tablets. My family isn't to consistent with their tablets, we have an Ipad, a Kobo and a Samsung. Would I be...
  7. mwhoody

    syncing itunes with computer after computer crash

    My computer crashed a little while ago and I had to reformat it and reload itunes. Which is all fine. Now my wife wants me to load more books onto her ipad2. But when I hook up the ipad to the computer and open itunes, of course, none of my books are there. Now if I press the sync button it...
  8. mwhoody

    Ipad books with a newly formatted computer

    I just had to reformat my computer and of course had to re-install itunes. Of course when I did that non of the books or music showed up. My question is - what will happen when I plug in my wife's ipad? When I plug it in will I loose everything on the ipad? Is there any way to get everything...
  9. mwhoody

    Making a new folder in Safari (google)

    I have a bunch of Favorites folders in Safari. My wife would like to have a folder called Recipes, and I am totally lost in how to make that folder. I press the icon that looks like a square with an arrow pointing up - then I press the icon "Bookmark" and I see all the folders but it does not...
  10. mwhoody

    Wi-fi printing

    Hi - I just bought an Epson WF-2540 printer ad would like to print from my ipad 2 I set up the wi-fi on the printer and all is working fine. I could print from my computer with no problem. I then tried to print from the ipad ad it tells me that it can't find the printer. Am I missing something...
  11. mwhoody

    PDF Files not in PDF Folder since 7.0.4

    Hi. Since updating the operating system to 7.0.4 my PDF files disappeared from my PDF folder. I had quite a few PDF files all organized in the PDF folder under Collections. After the update, they all disappeared - every file gone. But when I go to the search in "Books" and type in the heading of...
  12. mwhoody

    Making ibook folders on Operating System 7.0.4

    Hi. ever since the upgrade to 7.0.4 my ibook app has been giving me problems. I download new books by different authors into iTunes then transfer them to my ipad. No problem here When I go to my ipad to organize these books by author, I can't make new folders. I go to: >Collections >+New...
  13. mwhoody

    Icloud storage

    I noticed on icloud that I have backup on: - Contacts, Calendars & Tasks - Bookmarks - Photos My question is - Can I use icloud to back up my epub books & pdf files? I can't seem to find the option for that. Thank you
  14. mwhoody

    Loading Books Using itunes

    Just curious...if I use iTunes to load my books into my ipad2... I have all my books in a folder on my computer. And I use this one particular folder to store all my books that are loaded into iTunes, and ready t load into my ipad. Now, If I was to move these books to another folder on my...
  15. mwhoody

    Blurry Pictures

    On my wife's ipad2 Photo Gallery a lot of the pictures are blurry. It's weird because some of them are clear the way they should be, while a whole bunch are blurry. Why is that? I rebooted her ipad but that didn't solve the problem. Thank you
  16. mwhoody

    Making new folder in ibooks

    In the new 3.2 ibooks, how do you make a new folder? I believe the operating system is the new iOS 7 Very frustrating Thank you
  17. mwhoody

    ibook reader update deleted half of the books

    My wife's ipad 2 had an ibook app update a few days ago. After it updated she noticed all her pdf files were gone and half of her books. What happened? Big job to get them all back now. Did anyone else have this problem?
  18. mwhoody

    App greyed out and says "waiting"

    A friend of mine has an ipad with the app "facebook" and it is greyout and below the icon it says "waiting". This has been on for a few days now. We did a reboot several times and closed all the apps that may have been running in the background but nothing helped so far. Any help would be...
  19. mwhoody

    Books getting deleted after syncing

    My wife has an ipad2 and we are experiencing a problem when syncing the books. Whenever I use itunes to load in books, it seems to delete a bunch of books that were loaded in for a few months. Just poof and they're gone, just like that. Also, when I go to sync books screen it give two options 1...
  20. mwhoody

    Deleting apps that are running in backgound

    I don't know if these apps are actually running in the background or not but... When you double click the home button real quick you get to see all the apps that are apparently running - am I correct? Anyway, the way to stop them from running is by deleting them - correct? And the way to delete...
  21. mwhoody

    Charging very slow

    My wife brought down her ipad2 to tell me that it's charging very very slow. Anyway, i plugged it in and, yes, it is very slow. It takes approx. 6 min. to go up 1%. Is this normal. My wife claims that it is much slower now that before. It also seems that way to me as well. 1% in 6 min. is that...
  22. mwhoody

    Loading Ebooks

    I have been having a lot of trouble loading ebooks into my wife's 1pad2 I have been loading books for her for about a year. Lately though I'm having trouble doing that. I go to itunes and load a bunch of books for her and then when I have an opportunity I'll take her ipad and sync it. The...
  23. mwhoody

    Syncing Ipad with Computer

    I recently had to restore my computer back to my last saving (6 months ago) with Acronis True Image. Now when I open iTunes I see that a ton of my books are not there anymore. My question is - If I hook up...
  24. mwhoody

    Playing Scrabble HD against one computer

    Hi - My wife is a scrabble nut and would like to play against the computer. She has an 1pad 2 and the game that she is having trouble with is Scrabble HD (paid version) Her question is - how do I play against only one computer. There is an option there but it is greyed out and the only options...
  25. mwhoody

    Transferring epub books to ipad 2

    I have the latest version of itunes but am having trouble loading my epub books using itunes to ipad 2 I go through all the loading new files into itunes and then doing the syncing but for some reason when I am finished foing all that, I find that I am missing books that I previously loaded into...
  26. mwhoody

    Scrabble and Sudoku Games

    I'm not sure if this is an ipad problem or the games problem Whenever I want to play Scrabble ($9.99) or Sudoku games I have to go through the routine of agreeing to the rules and policy statements. And then when I do all the "Accepting" it gives me an error - and I can't go any further. But if...
  27. mwhoody

    Lost an Icon

    I seem to have lost an icon on my ipad2. I lost my "People" magazine icon for some reason. If I go into "Settings" it is there. If I go to "Search" it is there and I can access it But it is nowhere to be found on my ipad desktop. I tried to reinstall it but it tells my that it is already...
  28. mwhoody

    Save "Camera Roll" Photos into Excisting folders

    I have some photos in my "Camera Roll" folder that I would like to move to some of my exciting folders that I downloaded from my computer. For example: I would like to move all the flowers pictures from Camera Roll to an exciting folder called "Flowers". How can I do that? It seems that I can...
  29. mwhoody

    making folders in PDF folder

    My wife has a bunch od recipes that my she wants on her ipad. She would like to have them in different catagories but in on "Recipe" folder I'll try and explain that. If I make a folder called "Recipes" in the PDF section of ibooks - can I now make folders in that folder? Main folder = "Recipes"...
  30. mwhoody

    Connecting ipad2 with Apple TV

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this in this forum or not. If not please delete. I got an Apple TV for Christmas and am damned if I could get it to work with my ipad. I clicked on the airplay and got it all set up but I still don't see and airplay icon anywhere. I know I'm doing something...
  31. mwhoody

    CD Album Covers

    I downloaded a few albums from my computer to the ipad2 (7 in all so far) but only one album shows the album cover. I don't think I did anything different with that one album and the rest of them. Am I not doing it right? Thank you
  32. mwhoody

    Drop Box On ipad2

    I was wondering if there is anyway I can have 2 accounts on one ipad2. I know I could access Drop Box through Safari but viewing pictures just isn't the same. Right now my wife has her Drop Box account on the ipad and I was wondering if I could also have my Drop Box account. Thank you
  33. mwhoody

    YouTube Videos

    Is there a reason why some YouTube videos will load and play and some won't? I have several YouTube videos in my favorites but cannot seem to load this one in particular () I hope I'm not breaking any rules by pasting that site But anyway - I would like to put that in my favorites on my ipad2...
  34. mwhoody

    Ipad 2 won't go into sleep mode

    Hi I know that this may be a stupid question but for some reason my ipad 2 won't go into sleep mode. I hope I'm using the right terminology here. By sleep mode I mean I can have my ipad cover open for several minutes and the screen won't go into a sleep mode or go blank even though it is not...
  35. mwhoody

    (No Sender) Email

    I have 8 emails that say: (No Sender) (No Subject) This message has no content and the date says 1969-12-31 I can't seem to delete them because the trash can is greyed out when I open them I tried the edit button and the Delete Move and Mark icons come up but are greyed out as well. I guess I...
  36. mwhoody

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to this forum and my first impression is that this is where I can learn about my new ipad 2 Thank you